How to learn to walk in heels

Heels can make even the most ordinary-looking lady of short stature sexy and feminine. Heels visually lengthen the legs, and long legs – sexy. In addition, shoes with heels add elegance to any skirt, jacket.

A girl in heels is forced to keep her back straight, thanks to which irresistibility and self-confidence are added to her image. The higher the heel, the better.

But not all women wear high-heeled shoes: someone prefers a flat, comfortable sole, and someone listens to the doctor’s recommendations and considers high-heeled shoes unhealthy. However, for any solemn event, shoes with heels are required. But how to learn to walk beautifully and gracefully in heels for a woman who has never stood on them or wore high heels very rarely?

The development of high heels should begin with closed shoes: ankle boots, boots, over the knee boots. They are more stable, and it is much easier to develop a beautiful gait with their help than in open shoes. Shoes should fit your feet and fit snugly. If the shoes you tried on seem uncomfortable to you, it is better not to buy them. The key to a beautiful walk is a step. Remember that the length of the step in shoes with heels is literally a couple of centimeters less than the length of your foot.

The trajectory of your step will be a straight line: you need to fix a point between the toes of your shoes and put a heel on it. Guide and place the foot so that the socks are slightly apart from the line of walking.

Training to master the technique of walking in heels should begin with shoes with a heel no more than five centimeters long. In such shoes, you need to walk around the house for one hour a day for two weeks, go out to the store, go for a walk with the dog. If you do not have shoes with such a heel, stand on your toes and walk around the house. After an hour of training, take a foot bath, massage your feet, calves. After two weeks, you can start walking in the shoes that you planned to wear to an important event. Similarly, wear them around the house for one hour a day.

After a month of such training, your heeled gait will become confident and graceful. Do not forget about the straightened back, straightened shoulders, slightly raised chin. If you have posture problems, put on your heels, put a book on top of your head, and walk like that for an hour a day. After a short training, you will be able to proudly and smoothly walk in a beautiful outfit at any celebration. Heeled shoes will become your assistants in creating the image of an irresistible sexy woman.

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