How to look expensive in a simple dress

How to look expensive in a simple dress? Agree that we do not always have enough time or money to buy an outfit for every special occasion. Therefore, I would like to talk about some fashionable “tricks” that will help you stay stylish and elegant in the same dress.

11 life hacks to spruce up your look

It doesn’t always make sense to buy an expensive outfit. It is enough to take note of the advice of stylists, and any image will become irresistible!

  • Accuracy. Take proper care of your outfit. The dress should not be stretched, with spools, with hooks, etc. Remember to store it in a case and in a dark, cool place;
  • fashion trends. You can look expensive in a simple dress and at any time of the year if you add just a few accessories to it and choose the right shoes;
  • Add a belt. Now in fashion is a corset-belt that emphasizes the figure, and especially the waist area. Men’s style belts are also suitable, with large buckles, chains, braided;

  • Choose bright shoes. You can look expensive in a simple dress. To do this, wear bright shoes. For example, juicy yellow, crimson, red, blue colors are in fashion now, and for the office you can pick up unusual shoes in dark blue, khaki or peach;

  • Decorations. Even a simple dress can be the most beautiful at a party with the right jewelry. Here are a few options: chains, many rings of different shapes and sizes, with pearls and raw stones, several tiers of pendants or beads, hoop earrings, brooches;

  • Go to the studio. No, not for sewing a new dress, but in order to make changes to the cut of the model. Lace, leather, additional finishing. The studio knows exactly what variations will look fashionable and how to emphasize the beauty of your image;
  • Throw a jacket over your shoulders. Yes Yes! It doesn’t have to be fully worn. Just throw it over your shoulders and you will get a not boring and trendy look. In addition, when choosing a jacket, pay attention to fashionable color combinations, prints and styles;

  • Hairstyle. Another way to divert attention from a simple dress that has already been shown several times is to make a beautiful bouffant, a new haircut, hair coloring;
  • Makeup. With the help of makeup, you can easily decorate any look. Now the trend is double arrows, bright smokey ice, the addition of rhinestones, drawings, well-groomed eyebrows;
  • Bag. Here are a few examples to spruce up your look: mini tote bag, with chains, vintage 60s style, matching outfit, tough. Particularly strict rigid forms give a note of sophistication, it seems that some famous designer has just completed it, it remains only to clarify his name;

  • Minimalism. Simple make-up, a dress without additional decor, strict pumps and a small clutch, delicate jewelry with pearls, etc. The fewer details, the more elegant the image is.

Sometimes you want to buy one universal dress for the office and a gala evening. Which one to choose?

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5 dresses for all occasions

  • With smell. A wrap dress is always on the trend list. They come in a variety of colors, prints, draped or inset in leather, velvet or regular cotton. This model is suitable for girls with any type of figure, so it remains only to choose the length and design of the dress;

  • Small black dress. The simple and laconic cut of this model has made it an eternal classic and the basis of all fashion houses. The model beautifully emphasizes the dignity of the figure, and with the right choice of cut, it will visually hide some of its shortcomings. If you do not like the short length, then choose a little black dress of classic knee length or 4-5 cm below the knee;

  • Sequins. For the past few years, a dress with sequins has been a must-have that will decorate any wardrobe, look and is suitable for a festive evening or corporate party in a restaurant. In most cases, a dress with sequins is completely figure-hugging, so it may not be suitable for those who have a protruding tummy or other excess weight. Choose the right color, and then you will be irresistible;

  • Leather. Leather items are another popular trend, which means you should also have a dress made from this material. It is so versatile that it is suitable for collecting daily onions, for a gala evening and going to a restaurant. Designers offer various combinations of leather and lace, tight and straight silhouettes, so you can definitely choose a model for your body type;

  • Silk, velvet, cashmere. These materials are initially considered a sign of refined taste. Therefore, a dress made of silk, velvet or cashmere will decorate any look.

If you want to take one universal dress, we recommend choosing black. Then it’s easy to pick up accessories, hairstyle and makeup, which will become the basis of a fashionable image.

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Now you know how to look expensive in a simple dress. Choose popular materials, prints and models, and then your look will always be trendy, feminine and delicate!

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