How to look fashionable on New Year’s Eve

One of the most pressing questions that torment the beautiful half of humanity almost every day is the question “What should I wear today?”. This issue becomes even more acute on the eve of the holidays, especially such a significant one as the New Year.

It turns out that dressing fashionably is extremely simple.

First of all, evaluate the appropriateness of your outfit. Dress according to the level of the institution you are going to visit, and proceed from what you plan to do in this institution – it is better to wear clothes to the club that will not hinder movement if you decide to dance; in a restaurant, you should wear elegant and sophisticated clothes, even if not always comfortable; At home, you can give free rein to your imagination and put on something in which you do not dare to go to a club or restaurant.

And remember – an immoderate amount of sequins, appliqués, lace and bright colors is inappropriate even for the New Year, unless you plan to act as a clown at one of the New Year’s events.

Decide on a color. The colors that suit you best depend on your color type (special appearance characteristics such as hair, skin, eyes, etc.). It is customary to distinguish four main color types.

  • Winter: Snow White. Do you know such a character? It belongs just to the winter color type. Blue-black hair, snow-white or olive skin, usually blue or green eyes, less often gray or brown, juicy lips, on which bright red lipstick looks great.
  • Autumn: All shades of red hair, as well as brown with a hint of copper, skin heavily covered with freckles, turquoise and hazel eyes with a bluish tint of protein – all this creates an image of a color type called autumn.
  • Spring: People of this color type are quite inconspicuous on the street, they are often called colorless, a white sheet of paper on which you can draw anything, which is why it is so valued in the modeling business. Light, golden, honey-colored hair, reminiscent of straw, light peach skin, golden brown eyes, as if lashes and eyebrows scorched in the sun.
  • Summer: Hair can be either light, almost white with a metallic sheen, or dark blond, the skin is always light and very pale, you can often see vessels translucent from under it, the eyes are blue or green with a tint of gray.

Spring and autumn are warm color types, the advantages of their owners are emphasized by all warm colors, for example, red, orange, yellow, and their shades.

Winter and summer are cold color types, therefore, as you may have guessed, all cold colors are suitable for people of this type – blue, blue, green and their shades.

However, a certain color type is not a sentence. You may well wear the colors you love, even if they are not in your color type, but you should not use them in excess.

Now about the main thing. It should be remembered that the coming year is the year of the Snake, so all shades of black, blue, brown and green will be very relevant, be sure to use at least one of them when creating your image – you will not lose.

The snake is always refined, elegant, unhurried, which means that the same characteristics should be traced in the clothes you have chosen – tight, flowing, moderately catchy clothes will be very useful.

The snake is also a symbol of wisdom, so do not forget to prepare a couple of interesting topics for conversation in order to show off not only clothes, but also your mind.

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