How to look feminine in everyday clothes

Stylists know how to look feminine and not sacrifice comfort. We present you tips and photo images to prove this theory and we promise: no heels!

How to make an image feminine

soft tissues

Properly selected textures are the first secret of a feminine style in clothes. For the desired effect, stylists advise choosing smoothly flowing materials – cashmere, silk, satin, merino. Such textures gently envelop the figure and delight with impeccable quality.

soothing colors

The aura of femininity in the image is created by calm shades that gently set off the appearance of the girl. When choosing the perfect palette, we advise you to focus on the individual color type.

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Look for suitable shades among the feminine palette of beige, powdery, blue, lilac and lemon shades. The combination of several pastel colors in one outfit also looks beautiful.

Feminine images are synonymous with smoothness and softness. It will be possible to achieve the desired aesthetic effect in the outfit by eliminating unnecessary contrasts. Monochrome ensembles that stretch one chosen color create an effect of softness, comfort and femininity.

Loose fit

Femininity in clothes has not been equated with tight and tight silhouettes for a long time – on the contrary, the riddle and understatement are intriguing. The loose, relaxed fit is responsible for the elegant and expensive feel of the look.

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Stylists are well aware that the power of an elegant image lies in the details that create the right mood. Choose accents that emphasize dignity. For example, a beautiful necklace will highlight the neckline, long earrings will draw attention to a graceful neck, beautiful sandals will draw attention to slender ankles.

Among the stylish accessories that emphasize femininity, we highlight new items with pearls. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets in this design fit perfectly into everyday and business looks and place elegant accents.


The most feminine style is always the one that emphasizes the waist. Do not exaggerate this technique – it is better, as if by chance, to highlight the beautiful part of the figure. High-rise bottoms paired with a tucked-in top do an excellent job. A belt at the waist with a dress or shirt is also considered a win-win technique.

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What everyday things make the image feminine

Obvious and unbelievable: it will not be possible to come up with more feminine clothes than dresses. Modern fashion takes into account our need for comfort, therefore it offers stylish and comfortable novelties. A striking example of comfortable fashion is a midi-length dress in a shirt style. Such a model obediently fits into casual looks and is combined with low-speed shoes.

Accent blouses in a romantic design will help to reveal femininity. New items with lace or transparent inserts, with flower or polka dot prints are perfectly combined with basic jeans and set the right tone for the whole look.

Wrap skirts, dresses and blouses can be used as the basis for feminine looks. This style looks concise and obediently fits into everyday looks. Another significant advantage is versatility to any type of figure.

A midi skirt looks strict and restrained until you pair it with sports shoes. In a duet with sneakers, the image will tune in to everyday life, and at the same time it will not lose sophistication and femininity.

Comfortable loose-cut trousers look many times more elegant than a tabernacle or joggers. At the same time, the feminine style does not lose in versatility – the basic model is combined with literally any top.

Looking feminine with modern fashion trends is quite simple – today, designers are pursuing a course of casual elegance. Among the novelties of women’s clothing, you will surely pick up elegant models that will not contradict the comfort of everyday life. We wish you successful experiments!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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