How to look older: changing style and behavior

Girls in adolescence have a great desire to look older than their age. This desire arises for various reasons. For example, a guy who is older than her will like it. Another option is to imitate adults, namely mother, grandmother, older sister (girls), older brother (guys). Most often, young people try to look older in order to be able to visit discos, drink alcoholic beverages, and freely buy them in stores.

But quite often there are such cases when a girl is 20 years old, but looks 15-16 years old, of course, such people have a hard time, and by age mistake they are not mistaken for an adult.

There are still cases when a girl (boyfriend) wants to get a job and they need to transform and change their everyday clothing style to a business one that throws on each person for several years.

The concept of “looking older” can be viewed from several angles. Of course, you can put on clothes, make bright makeup, maybe the girl will look older, but in her mind she will be inferior to a wise and experienced woman.

So, the problem of age has been relevant at all times, and in order to achieve the goal of looking older, you should approach this issue well. All steps should be carefully considered, and all consequences should be considered in advance.

Change your style.

The most suitable way to change yourself is to change your habits, make brighter makeup, update your wardrobe, change your hairstyle. In this case, the main task is not to overdo it. In order not to make gross mistakes, it would be more correct to seek help from experienced stylists or friends who are fluent in this issue. A consultation with an experienced stylist will help you solve your problem more competently.

If it is not possible to contact a stylist, then you can design your new image using the photoshop computer program. With its help, you can completely change your appearance, and decide on the main style.

To make a beautiful make-up, you will have to completely use your own cosmetics, you will no longer need old cosmetics. In fact, for makeup, there are a few tips to consider:

  • Moderate makeup will make your face look natural. And the presence of a large amount of powder, bright lipstick and shadows will make your appearance ridiculous and defiant. To avoid shame and not look like a “made-up doll”, it is best to purchase black mascara, and it is better to use brown, gray and dark shades for shadows.
  • Clothing is an important issue. In the wardrobe of a girl, there should be as many elegant blouses as possible, strict trouser suits, elegant dresses, but the presence of T-shirts and jeans should be significantly reduced. It is best to buy clothes not in youth, but in older clothing departments. Quite often in such stores there are things that are not suitable for older women, and youth style will be the most ideal option for you.

Shoe selection.

Shoes are the face of every person. Shoes should be matched to existing clothes. There is no one shoe for all occasions, we call such shoes “universal”. It is best to purchase several pairs of shoes for yourself.

The heel on the shoes makes the girl elegant and attractive. But not every woman will be able to walk in the highest heels. To solve this problem, you can buy shoes with a smaller heel, or yoke.

Choosing the right accessories.

To look older, follow a simple rule: “Don’t wear plain, cheap jewelry.”

  • Please note that older women all jewelry and bijouterie is more expensive. Instead of two small rings, it is better to buy one massive gold ring.
  • When choosing a bag, be more careful. It should be remembered that it must be made of high-quality suede and leather.
  • A variety of hoops and simple barrettes will rejuvenate you, so you should purchase accessories that emphasize your style.

Rules of behavior

In addition to makeup, style, makeup and accessories, you need to globally change your behavior. Manners of behavior are the first business card against the background of adult life. It is necessary to learn all the norms and rules of good taste, and in the future to use them. In society, one should behave politely, restrained.

You need to work on your speech. Never raise your voice, be punctual, during a conversation with another person do not interrupt the interlocutor, learn to listen carefully to him. Try to gesticulate less with your hands. The rules of good manners are relevant at all times.

When communicating with people, it is not ethical to talk only about yourself. Whining about your problems is the first sign of bad behavior and shows you are incompetent to solve the problem.

Try to avoid conflict situations, and in the event of a conflict, try to tactfully get away from the provocateur of the conflict.

When interacting with people, pay attention to your posture. Remember that stooping will make you look like a notorious teenager.

Haircut is an important attribute of your appearance.

Haircut is also the most important attribute in age. For adult girls, punk or ripped haircuts are completely unsuitable. For a business woman, short and styled haircuts are suitable. For each person, of course, the choice of hairstyles is individual, the classic is relevant at all times. You have long hair and you don’t want to cut it short, it’s enough to learn how to take care of it, choose a shampoo, learn how to style your hair according to your chosen style. Do not forget that the right hairstyle will affect your appearance and throw on for several years.

And so let’s sum up our results. To look older than your age, you have to go through many “tests”. The desire for adulthood is good, but remember that childhood will not return. So maybe it’s better to stay a little longer a child? Although this is a personal matter for each of us.

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