How to look presentable in cheap clothes

Every woman is interested in how to look expensive without spending a fortune on clothes and accessories. Stylists, on the other hand, are sure that elegant and presentable images have common features that are accessible to everyone – let’s talk about this!

Dear palette

An elegant style in clothes is given out by a palette of expensive and refined shades. Colors of precious stones will allow you to look presentable – emerald, sapphire, deep blue and burgundy tones.

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Secret in invoices

A presentable and elegant image is given out by high-quality fabrics that do not wrinkle and do not collect dust particles. Stylists recommend relying on dense textures that can maintain their shape and attractive appearance.


Elegant style and presentable images are not characterized by extravagant tendencies. Minimalism and conciseness are responsible for the right mood in the outfit. Clear silhouettes and colors look simple and expensive, rather than things with an extraordinary cut and excessive decor. “Less is better” is the golden principle of a girl who strives to look expensive and flawless.

Jackets and trousers

Jackets and trousers with a flawless fit are easily introduced into the wardrobe of an elegant woman. It is not a pity to spend several hours on the choice of these components, because this is an important investment for many years. Choose a fabric that will effortlessly maintain a well-groomed look without a hint of spools and lint.

Secret from stylists: a jacket will easily increase the degree of elegance and presentability of any look. The priority is a hint of oversize and a clear fit at the shoulders.

The presence of palazzo trousers in the wardrobe is the secret that will allow you to look presentable in inexpensive clothes. Such a model is combined not only with the usual blouses and shirts – a stylish duet with a cropped top and a blazer is also in trend.

Hidden zippers

Visible metal fittings treacherously cheapen the female image. Even a beautiful and expensive dress will lose its gloss if it is complemented by a noticeable zipper. To avoid a slip, pick up clothes with hidden fasteners – it’s safer.

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Men’s style

You can see in practice that the attributes of a male style in a female look look elegant and expensive. A win-win technique is the boyfriend-shouldered shirt, which reveals itself in a new way in everyday ensembles.

clear silhouette

Stylists cite images with clear silhouettes of clothing as an example when answering the question of how to look expensive and well-groomed. Shapeless and flimsy things are not worthy of being in the wardrobe of an elegant lady. Images with a defined silhouette look more presentable – moreover, this characteristic does not always affect the cost of clothing.

The strength is in the details

Interesting accents are the visiting card of an expensive and elegant woman. Single sets of jewelry will not work, stylists advise choosing single accessories in an exquisite design. For a beautiful image, one, but a successful accent is enough – for example, a silk scarf, a necklace with pearls or a belt made of high-quality leather.


An elegant and presentable woman can mix classic style elements with trendy accents. Do not limit yourself to a combination of a sheath dress and pumps: modern fashion makes the images more relevant and expensive. In addition, elegant style attributes regularly appear among new products.

White color

Light colors of clothes are subconsciously associated with luxury and elegance. As you may have guessed, white things do not have to be expensive, but they a priori require good quality tailoring and material.

The most chic is a monochrome image, composed in a light palette. This technique not only increases the status of the outfit, but also rejuvenates the appearance.

Now, in your piggy bank of secrets on how to look expensive, several important tricks have been added. Do not forget one more trick – the finishing touch of an elegant and presentable image is always self-confidence!

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