How to look richer with clothes

How to look richer with clothes? – the eternal question that interests many girls. If you are one of them, imagine that our fashion site is reclassified as a fairy godmother and decides to come to grips with your transformation!

Main secrets


Obviously, of course, but the main rule of an expensive image will be neatness and grooming. Even if a lady is on a tight budget, she would rather bet on a tailor or pick up a piece of quality fabric of excellent quality than fill her wardrobe with a bunch of the same cheap clothes. Accordingly, if you pronounce your priorities before each shopping, you will quickly create a wardrobe that will allow you to look expensive and simply flawless day after day.

Another secret is proper care of your things. This point is not at all complicated and easily turns into a useful habit. For example, stylists recommend washing clothes with air conditioning to maintain their neat appearance and light, unobtrusive aroma – for this, you can also add a drop of your favorite perfume to the composition. It is also worth accustoming yourself to neatly fold or hang things to maintain their shape and get rid of clothes with spools and hooks in a timely manner.

Be careful with prints

If you want to look expensive and rich without spending a lot of money, stylists will advise you to be skeptical about various prints with a due measure of skepticism. Of course, you don’t have to make a complete taboo on motives, but it’s better not to choose too bright, contrasting and large drawings. A winning technique would be to use one discreet print in the image in combination with plain components – such a combination will not cunningly cheapen the image.

Light palette

Why do poor people dress predominantly in dark nondescript clothes? They probably adhere to this principle because of the practicality of such things. That is why stylish images, composed in soft light shades, look so chic and expensive. The most chic is a white total bow, in which it doesn’t matter how much you paid for a light coat or jeans: such things, provided they are of excellent quality and the same fit, always look perfect.

noble shades

However, it is worth agreeing that always walking in light-colored clothes is still not very convenient, and simply boring. That is why stylists offer women of fashion to create a rich and expensive image with the help of things in shades of precious stones.

For example, depending on the individual color type, a fashionista may prefer:

  • ruby,
  • wine,
  • emerald,
  • royal blue,
  • eggplant shade.

By the way, all the listed tones are perfectly combined with each other.

Stylists have separate claims to an extremely bright palette. Of course, such colors are not prohibited, but still they require caution and a sense of proportion – juicy neon and other cheerful shades often look treacherously cheap.

natural palette

In an expensive and rich image, it also makes sense to stick to a natural palette. It is interesting that inspiration for such outfits can always be drawn from the surrounding landscapes – from them you can also take into service successful combinations of shades.

If you are not confident in your stylistic skills, you can combine 2 or 3 natural shades in one bow – this combination principle always looks restrained, harmonious and stylish.

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Game of textures

Another effective technique that can be adopted when creating an expensive image is the play of textures. Stylists urge women not to be afraid to mix different materials within one bow, because this approach will make the final outfit more expressive, interesting and complete.

If you don’t know where to start, use ready-made formulas. For example, right now you can try to complement leather clothing with an element of silk, denim or textured knitwear.


How to look richer if you don’t have a lot of money? In such a situation, stylists recommend investing not in fleeting novelties of street style, but in elegant things that are representatives of the classic style. Such a direction will automatically rank the girl among the elite and high society.

Basic wardrobe

Stylists unanimously agree that fleeting trends go away, but style remains. For women who look expensive, this phrase is more relevant than ever, so they pay due attention to the formation of a basic wardrobe.

For example, in the closet of such ladies there is often:

  • comfortable cashmere turtleneck,
  • trousers with arrows,
  • perfectly fitting jeans
  • White shirt,
  • plain non-translucent t-shirt,
  • cream long coat with belt
  • and sophisticated trench coat.

Practice shows that the simpler and more elegant the lady is dressed, the more chic she looks in the end.

And in order not to lose your individuality in the formation of the base, you can always turn to interesting accessories.


Speaking of accessories. The style of an expensive woman definitely does not accept cheap plastic jewelry, scattering of rhinestones or crystals, dubious clips or necklaces with an excess of multi-colored stones. Even if the jewelry did not cost a fabulous amount, it can look expensive thanks to a minimalistic but original design. When shopping, we advise you to pay attention to accessories with character that will emphasize your personal sense of taste, tell an interesting story and will not go out of style.

Another trick of a rich outfit is a great sense of proportion. There is nothing criminal in a fashionista’s love for jewelry if she uses them in a dosed manner. For example, in an expensive image, only one accent often appears – a large ring, a massive necklace or earrings of the original form. If an accessory is clearly shining in your bow, neutralize it with the help of calm or deliberately rude things.


Many girls, when forming their wardrobe, prefer to invest in clothes, and the purchase of shoes is relegated to the background. But this approach is fundamentally wrong and often reduces all efforts when creating an image to nothing.

The first point in a successful shoe is its neat appearance. Remember, others will certainly pay attention to the fact that you are too lazy to spend a couple of minutes before going out to clean your boots.

Another secret is the actual design of the shoes. It doesn’t have to be the latest hot trend, it’s a much better overall hit with a modern style.

Tricks from stylists

Stylists are sure that in order to create an image worth a million, you should use elementary tricks. We invite you to take advantage of this cheat sheet!

  • The main must-have for women who look expensive is a high-quality leather belt. For example, if you add a basic accessory to the company to an elongated jacket or blazer, this trick will create a look that is several fashion levels higher.

  • If you replace your usual…

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