How to look slimmer in a sweater

Looking at the girls walking down the street, it sometimes becomes incomprehensible how you can look slimmer in a warm knitted sweater than you really are. But everything is much simpler than it seems, because the right clothes can visually remove a few kilograms. We will try to figure out how to find the most perfect sweater that can make your silhouette thinner and more elegant.

Which sweater to choose to look slimmer

It is difficult to imagine a winter wardrobe without a warm sweater. But, many girls avoid these clothes, just because they don’t like the way they sit on them. Let’s try to figure out how to wear a sweater in order to look slimmer in it than it actually is.

The style, color and features of combination with other things have a certain value in the choice. First you need to say about the style, because it should be selected based on the type of figure:

  • If your problem area is the stomach, then it is better to choose elongated models that will completely cover it. To “make” the waist, you can use a belt.
  • With pronounced hips, it is necessary to stop at the length to the widest point of the thigh. It is better to focus on the upper body. It can be a V-neck that accentuates the neckline, or an asymmetrical neckline that exposes the shoulder.
  • If you have a slender upper torso and wide hips, then you need to emphasize the waist. Sweaters with batwing sleeves, large collars, as well as other accents at chest and shoulder level will perfectly cope with this task.

Tall girls can safely choose sweaters with a collar-collar, because such models can cut their height a little. In sweaters with a large viscous, for example, a pigtail, girls of small stature look great.

By following these simple but effective tips, you will be able to hide all your flaws and highlight your strengths with just one sweater.

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How to wear an oversized sweater

Recently, oversized style has become very popular among fashionistas. Many of you will be surprised that clothes that are several sizes larger can make you slimmer, but this is a fact. Even in an oversized sweater, you can look slimmer if you combine it correctly with other things:

  • Skirt. The best pairing with an oversized sweater is a pencil skirt, because it perfectly balances a voluminous top and slim fit.
  • it. To complete the look, you can add shoes with comfortable heels to it. More daring girls can combine these sweaters with oversized skirts as well.

  • Trousers. Pair a voluminous sweater with perfectly matched jeans or dress pants that will make your legs slimmer. Pants of any dark color will have the same effect. You can make the look even more stylish by adding rough boots or shoes with heels.

  • Leggings and boots. With the help of such a fitted bottom, the volume created by the oversized sweater is even better compensated. This image can be freely called both work and everyday.

  • Mini skirt. This is a very advantageous option for girls who have long legs and a not very pronounced waist. But, in order not to look indecent, you need to responsibly approach the choice of the most suitable shoes here.

  • Coat or jacket. In this case, there is an important detail – outerwear should be in the same baggy style, and it is better to choose a non-voluminous bottom.

  • Instead of a dress. A voluminous and long sweater can be worn instead of a dress. A belt to highlight the waist and accessories in the form of a hat or jewelry will complete this look.

When combining an oversized sweater with other things, you need to focus on the waist. This can be done with a strap, or you can simply hide the sweater behind the belt of a thing that plays the role of a bottom. In this case, the figure will acquire one of the most ideal forms – an “hourglass”, even if in fact it is far from this type.

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The most successful color schemes when choosing a sweater

To look slimmer in a sweater, it is also important to choose the most successful color. It is known that some colors and prints in clothes can visually add or take away kilograms. So, the most successful color schemes for a sweater are as follows:

  • Striped. It is advisable to choose models with a wide strip, because it best hides all the flaws. A gradient pattern would also look good.
  • dark gamma. It’s no secret that dark clothes make the figure more slender. Therefore, pay attention to black and dark shades of any other colors.
  • geometric pattern. Such a print noticeably slims, especially if it consists of repeating elements. It can be large rhombuses or triangles. This sweater is more classic, so it is suitable for everyday wear and for the office.
  • With a large pattern. A large drawing not only attracts attention, but at the same time distracts from an imperfect figure.

When you choose a sweater, what parameters do you pay more attention to?

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We hope that after reading the above information, it will be much easier for you to choose the sweater model that will make you look slimmer. The final result is influenced by the color of the thing, and its style, and the appropriateness of the combination with other elements of the wardrobe. Experiment and finally stop being afraid of warm and cozy knitted sweaters!

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