How to look slimmer in autumn and winter

How to look slimmer in autumn and winter? – an urgent question that worries many fashionistas. Fortunately for them, we have collected in this article the most effective techniques that, in practice, not only slim, but also do not deprive them of comfort and warmth. Go?!

Top tricks

lucky coat

A well-chosen coat can become an ideal basis for autumn and winter looks with the effect of harmony. For example, with an apple-shaped figure, a choice in favor of a free cut with fashionable accents will be assumed. Ladies with a pear shape are advised to prefer fitted outerwear with volume in the upper part – for example, a la trench model or a variation with draperies or fur.

Another pressing question when choosing a successful coat is to choose a model with one or two rows of buttons? In fact, the answer of the stylists is unequivocal: only single-breasted outerwear, which is visually divided in half by one vertical line, slims.

If weather conditions allow, wear a fashionable coat unbuttoned – such a technique will gently envelop the silhouette on both sides and visually slim it.

In warm weather, instead of a coat, you can safely use an elongated trench coat, which perfectly slims and integrates advantageously into any wardrobe.

tucked top

To look slimmer with clothes in autumn and winter, you should definitely tuck the top down. This rule directly applies to loose silhouettes of shirts and sweaters, because when they are straightened out, they add a few extra centimeters to the abdomen and hips.

There is another trick that will double the effect of harmony. When fixing the top, you can use the asymmetry technique – that is, tuck in clothes only in front or on the side. This simple trick will bring the necessary dynamics and an oblique line into the final outfit, which will allow you to visually build.

Unbuttoned top

The most favorite technique of fashionistas in the cold season is layering, which allows you to create a warm and comfortable bow without sacrificing style. However, in order for such an image to turn out to be successful, it is worth wearing the topmost layer in a mandatory unbuttoned form in order to create vertical slimming lines. This trick can be done not only with outerwear, but also with fashionable jackets or cardigans.

Rolled up sleeves

If the arms are lowered down, then long sleeves in clothes visually increase the volume of the waist and hips. We assume that this insidious property is completely useless to you, so we suggest rolling up the sleeves of clothes in the image for visual correction of the figure. This trick will also allow you to add lightness and ease to the outfit, because it is known that nothing fills more than completely closed clothing silhouettes. Accordingly, if you strive to look thinner, then by all means add a little “air” to the image, taking into account the weather conditions.

In general, stylists recommend leaving ajar exactly that part of the body that a woman rightly considers her dignity.

Emphasis on the waist

Fortunately for modern fashionistas, the actual emphasis on the waist today can be realized with almost any clothing. For example, you can add a stole with a leather belt and turn this accessory into a fitted poncho. Alternative options are to create an emphasis on the waist in bows with a loose dress, jacket or coat.

It is worth noting that this technique works 100% only if the fashionista maintains good posture. Yes, yes, a straightened back automatically makes the height a few centimeters taller and adds beautiful harmony to the silhouette!

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Color matters

All fashionistas know the unshakable rule that the dark color is slimming, and the light one is fatter. But is it indestructible in practice? Let’s figure it out!

Among all the slimming colors, the black color is the leader in effectiveness – it is beautiful in monochrome, but usually requires accents – for example, massive metal jewelry or bright accessories.

The color of clothing that will make you look visually slimmer in autumn and winter can be a representative of a deep rich palette. For example, the desired effect can be obtained from wine, emerald, blue, purple and chocolate shades.

This season, it is worth adopting the style of gray – it is he who is marked by the proud title of “new black”. According to stylists, a neutral color perfectly slims and masks extra centimeters. In addition, laconic gray clothes are an excellent basis for bright experiments on the image.

When creating a successful image, a fashionista should also take into account the insidious colors of clothes that can treacherously add volume to a figure.

  • Light tones, when applied incorrectly, visually fill up. To avoid this, it is worth betting on a perfect fit, the creation of vertical lines in the image or on a monochrome technique.

  • They tend to fill and sparkling textures, even if they are presented in a dark palette. Accordingly, if you want to add a little shine to the autumn bow, do it with the help of accessories.

  • Too bright colors can also visually enlarge the figure – they are recommended to be placed only on a slender area.

  • The same property can upset colorful and large prints. In general, trendy drawings are not prohibited, but let them be kept in a restrained palette and small size.


Many girls believe that trendy clothes in loose silhouettes are always inevitably fat. But not in an image composed according to the principle of harmony of proportions! For example, if you make a bow from an actual oversized sweater or cardigan in the company of adjacent trousers or tights, this technique will advantageously emphasize the slimness of your legs.

Cut for smell

Recently, designers are increasingly using wrap cut when tailoring clothes for autumn and winter. This is a particularly advantageous solution for obese women, because this style visually lengthens the silhouette and adds harmony and composure to the figure.

But what kind of novelty in this design should be adopted in order to be guaranteed to get into trends? Stylists suggest that a knitted dress, shirt, jacket or outerwear with a wrap can act as a win-win option.


The secret of a thing with a slimming effect can also be a V-neck. Modern designers complement current blouses, shirts, dresses and jumpers, as well as outerwear with such a cut feature. If the selected item is presented in a laconic basic design, it will only support the placement of accents in the form of jewelry. For example, a deep neckline can be stylishly beaten with a few sophisticated pendants.


How to dress so as to be slimmer in autumn and winter, if it is getting colder and colder outside? Catch a hint from stylists: professionals in matters of successful images are sure that the best option is well-chosen shoes. For example,…

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