How to look slimmer on the beach

In this article, we reveal all the secrets of how to look slimmer on the beach. Surely, you will immediately want to try out a few tricks in practice!


Choosing a swimsuit

When choosing a swimwear, you should definitely take into account the optical power of various visual effects. So, vertical slits can visually stretch the silhouette, oversized swimming trunks will make the legs longer, and a V-shaped neckline paired with straps around the neck will visually reduce the shoulder area.

Even last season, many celebrities began to opt for a swimsuit style that allows you to look slimmer. This is a retro-style model with a one-piece silhouette and a belt at the waist. This striking and stylish style emphasizes the feminine silhouette and guarantees great beach shots. This trend was instantly picked up by many celebrities, and you can also join them!

A two-piece swimsuit with a high-rise bottoms will make women with a belly look slimmer on the beach. It is important that beach equipment at the same time have a sufficiently dense slimming texture – this technique also contributes to visual harmony.

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If you have pronounced fullness in the hips or other part of the body, make sure that there is no active decoration on the problem area. Also, a great solution would be to choose a swimsuit with several contrasting colors in the design – while dark inserts should be located on those areas that would not hurt to visually tighten.

Effectively slims the figure and well-chosen color of the swimsuit. If you did not have time to lose a few kilograms by the summer, take advantage of the corrective properties of a matte dark texture. It is worth noting that the choice of fashionistas is not at all limited to black – on the contrary, it does not always become the best solution, as it emphasizes age-related changes and blends beautifully only with tanned skin. Other rich colors will look much more advantageous – for example, emerald, burgundy, blue and eggplant tones. But light shades are best avoided.

We cannot fail to mention the magical slimming properties of any vertical elements in the design of a swimsuit. Moreover, we are talking not only about the famous striped print with a characteristic line direction. Both contrasting inserts and appropriate decorative techniques can embody an effective vertical.

A perfectly matched swimsuit sets a mission not only to hide flaws, but also to emphasize dignity. So, many women rightly consider the décolleté area to be their strong point. To draw attention to this area, you can use a swimsuit with supportive bones and wide straps. You can also use voluminous decor or rhinestones, which allow you to visually enlarge the chest.

The perfect finish to the look

In a beach bow, not only a swimsuit can be present. Modern fashionistas love to adopt other stylish attributes, such as tunics, capes or pareos.

Stylists willingly talk about how these techniques work in practice. So, with full hips, you can tie a beautiful pareo right on the problem area and shift the knot to one side. This trick will hide the flaws and shift the focus to the dignity of the figure. With a slight movement of the hand, you can turn the pareo into a sundress – for this it is worth fixing its impromptu straps around the neck. In this case, it will turn out to hide imperfections on the stomach, chest or hips.

An ideal pareo should also please with a suitable color. Stylists assure that with full parameters it is not recommended to choose large contrasting patterns. The best option would be blurry watercolor or abstract motifs in a restrained palette.

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Fashionable beach decorations are also an effective distraction from imperfections. For example, if you have full legs, you can look slimmer if you emphasize your assets with accessories. For example, you can focus on slender ankles or wrists with elegant bracelets. And beads, pendants or earrings with a vertical direction of the elements will allow you to focus on the upper body.

A beautiful and stylish beach bag can also turn into an effective distraction from imperfections. When choosing it, you should be guided by the color and style of the swimsuit. But stylists still do not recommend choosing accessories and shoes that exactly copy the color of the outfit – this technique is already obsolete and can only visually add years.

[stextbox id=’info’]The ideal beach bag should be quite roomy, but not too bulky. With a full figure, it is better to bet on medium sizes, which will not visually increase the parameters.[/stextbox]

Stylish sunglasses and a medium-sized hat can be the perfect end to a beach outfit.

Color of the skin

You may have noticed an interesting feature about the relationship between skin tone and its visual harmony. It works very simply: the developed tan perfectly hides the fullness and makes the silhouette more toned and attractive.

Until a real tan shows itself, you can go to the trick and use self-tanning or tanning services. Bronzing powder can also become a real lifesaver. It should be applied to the protruding part of the abdomen, sides, waist and outer part of the buttocks and thighs. In this way, you will darken some areas and make the silhouette more slender.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Areas with cellulite or stretch marks can be camouflaged with cosmetics such as foundation mixed 50:50 with a moisturizer.[/stextbox]


Properly selected shoes can also please with spectacular visual properties. So, if you want to make your legs more slender, you can choose a pair of shoes that has a fairly high and stable rise. A comfortable wedge heel can be an excellent option, which will be advantageously combined with a color that is close to the skin tone.

If comfort and convenience are your top priorities at the beach, you can opt for flip flops or flip flops with a V-shaped jumper. Such details can visually reduce the size of the leg and make the ankle area thinner.

Among the forbidden elements are horizontal decorative elements, bows, lacing and ankle straps. These details disadvantageously “cut” the legs and shorten the silhouette.

A few more tricks

We have prepared a few more secrets that will help you look slimmer on the beach. Take note!

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