How to look slimmer with clothes

In everyday life, clothing is a very important attribute for every woman. With the help of it, a woman can express her individuality, emphasize her virtues and, of course, hide her flaws. When choosing the wrong clothes, with the wrong combination, a woman can ruin her whole appearance, look ridiculous.

Some outfits can make you look old and some make you look fat. There are so many ways to look slimmer just by dressing right and matching your wardrobe items with each other.

Most importantly, it is important to remember which colors are worth wearing and which are not. Color is one of the most important criteria when choosing clothes. Every woman should know which colors suit her and which ones she should not wear. If a woman chooses the wrong color of clothes, she may appear more pale, tired, inexpressive. The right color will make a woman more vibrant, blooming, her skin will look healthy, and her hair will shine.

The most important thing is that you don’t have to dress in clothes of only one color. You need to match the colors. And you don’t have to wear flashy clothes. Then you will look like a clowness. It is better that your outfit has one or two bright spots, no more. But among other things, you also need to remember which colors are good for the figure.

As everyone knows, dark colors make you slim. They are black, dark blue, dark gray and dark green. These colors are a win-win option for those who want to emphasize their dignity and visually lose a couple of kilos.

While white, yellow, pink, yellow, orange and lighter shades of other colors are visually fuller.

Everyone knows that vertical stripes visually lengthen the silhouette, while horizontal stripes, on the contrary, expand it. I would like to tell you about other tricks that can make you visually thinner and slimmer.

First, you do not need to choose clothes with a complex cut. The simpler the cut, the better you will look. You should also wear clothes in muted, matte tones. No need to wear clothes with sequins, rhinestones and other “appliqués”. All this makes the silhouette square and unfeminine. If you buy a jacket, then you should choose one that has narrow sleeves that do not fasten at the waist itself, but a little higher or lower. It is better to choose jackets to the hips, you can a little lower. But not higher. Striped jackets will look good on you, while making you look taller.

Single-breasted jackets will also visually make you look taller. Avoid patch pockets. It is better that the pockets are slotted and placed at a slight angle.

As for the legs, the main way to make them visually slimmer is with heels. Also slim and lengthen the legs of various types of sandals with buckles. It looks good when you wear trousers with heels that slightly cover the heel. It is better to wear trousers straight, black, without folds in front. The main thing in choosing trousers is to avoid flap pockets. Proper pockets on the back side can play a good role. They can emphasize the dignity of your butt and visually reduce the volume of your hips.

When choosing skirts, you should also pay attention to its style and cut. Skirts should be worn to the knees. It will be very good to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the fullness – an A-line skirt. Skirts with a small slit on the side are also good. Together with such a skirt or dress, wear high boots. To hide the fullness of the ankles, you should wear shoes with heavy soles. In no case should you wear shoes with buckles that fasten at the ankle.

When choosing dresses, you can give preference to those that are cut on the bias. The main thing is that they do not fit too tightly to the body.

If you have a large bust and it makes you fat and looks defiant, then wear sleeveless blouses made of thin fabric. It will be good to combine dark blouses or sweaters with trousers or skirts in light shades. So your figure will be symmetrical and very appetizing. Also, a large bust looks very impressive with wraparound blouses or a V-neck. Do not buy blouses and blouses with bows and flounces. This will give you extra volume and make you look fuller.

Thus, if you follow these rules and choose the right clothes, you will always look sophisticated, sophisticated, stylish, and most importantly, slim and feminine.

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