How to look stylish but spend little money

How to look stylish but spend little money – this question worries many girls who do not have an endless supply of money, but at the same time want to be attractive and fashionable. Stylists say that in order to look perfect, it is not necessary to dress in an expensive boutique, even the simplest things, with the right choice and combination, can create a WOW effect.

Secrets of creating a stylish and fashionable image

To look stylish, it is not necessary to spend the entire salary on shopping. After all, even the most trendy things with the wrong choice will make the image boring and tasteless. Below we present some tips on how to create an attractive look on a small budget.

Impeccable tailoring and correct sizing

When shopping, be sure to try on the item. After all, even the most attractive new thing will spoil the image if it is small.

A similar negative effect can be expected from clothes with uneven seams, incorrectly sewn buttons and protruding threads. Surprisingly, even in branded stores you can find things with marriage. It is better to refuse such updates.

noble colors

Dull and inexpressive – these colors most often give out inexpensive clothes, especially if combined in one image with products made of synthetic fabrics. Too bright neon and metallic shades can make the look simpler, for example, an overabundance of hot pink and gold can easily turn you into an ugly girl.

To look stylish at no cost, give preference to clothes of noble colors: black, white, beige. Classic pastel shades (lavender, blue), as well as more saturated colors (wine, dark blue, emerald) look advantageous.

No replicas

If you do not have the funds to buy expensive branded clothing or accessories from Chanel or D&G, it is better to refuse such logos on clothes. Especially if your friends and neighbors are well aware that you simply do not have the funds to buy such a thing. Trust me, a simple quality H&M T-shirt will look a lot more stylish than the most fancy blouse with a fake D&G logo.

Get some classic style sets

Remember one important rule – classics are out of fashion and time. Therefore, if your wardrobe contains black trousers, a white blouse, a pencil skirt and a cropped jacket, your look will always be relevant and stylish. And to bring mood and originality to such a discreet look, add a few stylish accessories to it.

Be careful

All clothing used in the preparation of images must be clean and not wrinkled. If you carefully monitor the state of things, you can look fashionable and stylish and at the same time spend quite a bit of money. Agree that a sweater with pilling can ruin any look, even if you are wearing branded jeans.

Be sure to take care of things, follow the rules of washing, and, believe me, your bow will look stylish and flawless.

Wear trendy clothes correctly

Despite the win-win classic things, hardly anyone wears them all the time. Sometimes you want to create a fresher and trendier look. For example, wear trendy culottes or a pajama-style dress. However, before taking a new thing to the cashier, you should think carefully about where and with what you will wear it. Believe me, fashion trends are not for everyone.

Choose your underwear responsibly

Even the best and most perfectly matched items can look messy if you choose the wrong underwear. To look stylish every day, you need to carefully monitor that the linen is not conspicuous and does not stick out under a blouse or trousers. Unfortunately, such, at first glance, minor mistakes can significantly simplify any outfit.

Choose quality fabric

The material is extremely important. After all, frankly synthetic things quickly lose their appearance, look untidy and cheap. But 100% cotton or wool is not always optimal. Most often, combined products become the ideal option. For example, sweaters made of wool with the addition of acrylic – they are cheaper and look very good, or blouses with polyester – they practically do not wrinkle.

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Opt for elegant looks

Let this be your life motto in the matter of fashion and beauty. Agree that it is very difficult to assemble an image in the style of boho or hippie. It is much easier to create a truly trendy look in an elegant casual, classic or feminine-romantic style.

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Look after yourself

Even the most expensive clothes will not allow you to get a stylish look if its owner forgets to wash her hair or do a manicure. Of course, this does not mean that you should visit the beauty salon every day. It is enough to give yourself a few hours a week to look well-groomed. Remember, untidiness is the enemy of any image.

Now you know how to look stylish while spending little money. Believe me, following these simple rules, your image will always look perfect!

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