How to look stylish in winter

Every fashionista, with the onset of cold weather, wonders how to look stylish in winter and at the same time not succumb to a persistent minus on the street. We know how to combine comfort and style in one look. Moreover, we are going to prove to you that it is very simple! Your winter will definitely never be the same!


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Thermal underwear is a must

More recently, thermal underwear served as a faithful assistant only for athletes. Today, this is the choice of all fashionistas who do not plan to shiver from the cold all winter. At this wonderful time of the year, you can find activities and more interesting!

Ideal thermal underwear will fit snugly to the body, which means that it can be worn under any clothes. Here are the basic principles of competently combining thermal underwear with the rest of the image:

  • leggings and tights with a thermo function are worn by fashionistas with jeans and trousers;
  • thermal shorts or a combination is the best base for a miniskirt or dress;
  • a T-shirt or top is worn under a turtleneck, shirt or blouse;
  • stockings and socks allow you to wear shoes in winter without an impressive layer of fur.

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Basic winter wardrobe

Any basic wardrobe with capsule sets is a go-to wand that saves fashionistas from the “I have nothing to wear” headache. Here’s what it should include to protect against the harsh cold:

  • several basic turtlenecks and cardigans of good quality and different colors;
  • it is convenient to have at least 2 sweaters in stock: one is classic with an adjacent style, and the other is oversized in accordance with the main fashion trends;
  • we advise a woman who prefers a business style to have a suit made of wool or tweed in her winter wardrobe – such a classic will never have competitors on the fashion Olympus;
  • also in the cold, anywhere without jeans made of dense fabric with a fleece lining – it is better to choose stylish models with a high waist;
  • a suede, denim or leather sundress dress goes well with a turtleneck and creates a very cozy bow;
  • the last peep of the season is high boots-stockings that look great with most basic things and warm up to “5+”.

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Layering Lessons

If you are thinking about how to look stylish and fashionable in winter and not freeze at the same time, you should pay attention to the fashion trend of recent seasons – multi-layered bows. Putting on several layers of clothes and not looking like a cabbage is an art, but once you master it, stylish winter looks are guaranteed.

A win-win formula for a fashionable look under the sign of layering is clothes in one color scheme. This does not mean that you need to dress in one color from head to toe. Play with shades, textures and accessories, and you will create a truly interesting and at the same time discreet outfit.

But with active prints and bright colors, things are more complicated. There should be only one contrasting thing in the image and it should act as the main accent.

Correctly placed accents

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We bet on accessories

Manufacturers of winter outerwear rarely decide on juicy bright colors and make a choice in favor of practicality. Yes, a black down jacket is incredibly comfortable, but at the same time incredibly boring.

If your outerwear is done in a neutral color scheme, it’s a great idea to pair it with bright accessories. Decide on cozy hats, berets, scarves and mittens in the most life-affirming shades and they will definitely cheer you up this winter.

Bright accessories can brighten up any look.

[stextbox id=’info’]Weather permitting, create an enigmatic beauty look with a wide-brimmed hat. This little detail is really capable of changing any girl beyond recognition.[/stextbox]

Fashionable large-knit hats

Delicate brooches can also transform any boring look. To decorate outerwear, choose medium or large pieces so that they blend harmoniously with the whole look. Also, brooches will be a stylish way to give new life to a boring sweater or dress. You probably have your own ideas too. Then implement them soon!

It’s so easy to dress in style with the right accessories, so don’t discount them in your fashionable looks.

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Hat or hood?

Many women of fashion naively believe that if they put on a hood, then they are no longer afraid of any cold. The most important thing is that the hair remains safe and sound!

But the wind will certainly get through the hood, and this is already fraught with migraines, colds and hearing loss. In addition, hair suffers greatly from such exposure – it becomes brittle and dull. To harm the hair, 10 minutes in the cold will be enough.

Therefore, we advise you not to neglect hats in the winter season. The most frost-resistant options are wool and fur. The main trends of the 2018-2019 season will not let fashionistas freeze, because they offer a large selection of stylish hats.

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The trend is fur and knitted hats of various styles, scarves and turbans.


In especially severe cold, we recommend putting a hood on top of the headgear and then you will definitely not care about weather surprises. Remember, layering is in fashion!

Fashionable fur hats-hoods

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Do you need a scarf

The main secret of salvation from the cold is the protection of all parts of the body. If some area is still open, then freezing cannot be avoided.

The throat is one of the most vulnerable parts, so a shirt-front or a scarf will be a must-have attribute of your look.

Stylish snood

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Today, the main must-have of the season is wide stoles or long scarves of volumetric knitting.


With the help of such an accessory, women of fashion protect not only the throat, but also part of the face. The most daring girls wrap the body with a scarf and tuck its ends under the belt from outerwear.

Trendy stole

[stextbox id=’info’]

Interesting! This trick was used by many designers at their shows, so you should take note of it.


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No belt anywhere

You may be surprised, but it is the belt that will allow a girl with a slender figure to look stylish in winter.

This is the best escape from baggy shapes and excessive volume, which is typical for winter things. The belt will become a fashionable addition to a wide sweater, down jacket or fur coat.

As you can see, in the cold you can also emphasize the femininity of the figure and not freeze.

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We won’t let you freeze

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