How to look stylish on maternity leave

Stylish images for moms from our photo selection prove that you can also look stylish and fashionable on maternity leave. The advice of an expensive editorial will tell you how to do this in the face of time constraints.

capsule wardrobe

Basic things are those elements of the wardrobe that can be worn for any occasion in different combinations like a designer. We offer examples of successful capsules for mom in the photo.

Stylish images for mums on maternity leave are created in a matter of minutes, if you think over the color palette of the wardrobe – a combination of neutral and accent tones.

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Maternity leave (even though it’s a stretch) is a great opportunity to sort out your wardrobe. It’s time to get rid of unnecessary things and assemble the perfect capsule that takes into account the type of figure, color type and lifestyle.

Bright colors

Bright colors in a capsule wardrobe for mom will help dilute the dullness of everyday life and give an image of cheerfulness. Making friends with juicy colors is easy – for this you should rely on things that are minimalist in cut and combine them with basic tones. For example, a practical black color will enhance the contrast of bright clothes and is guaranteed to fit into any bow.


Layering is the very fashionable trick that will allow you to look stylish on maternity leave without sacrificing comfort. Long walks with your child will be more pleasant if you make a trendy bow from several layers, which will reliably protect you from the cold. But you should not dress completely in oversized clothes – clear silhouettes and emphasized parts of the figure, for example, an emphasis on the waist, are more suitable for mothers.

So, a fashionable quilted vest or shirt jacket can become a basic element for such outfits. Another trend to repeat is the combination of contrasting textures, such as leather and denim.

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To make mom look stylish and fresh, you will have to say goodbye to boring old-fashioned things without a drop of regret and explore current trends. Modern fashion relies on comfort, so in each collection, mom will find several convenient and practical novelties. For example, now at the peak of popularity are practical suits with palazzo trousers and a jumper that look trendy.


Accessories are a great way to add brightness and personality to an outfit. It is important to include concise accents in the box that can easily fit into almost any bow. Stylists advise fashionable girls on maternity leave to pay attention to wide checkered scarves, high-quality leather belts, geometric earrings, baseball caps and bright hats.

Small details are the touches that make the images stylish and complete. For example, to emphasize the natural beauty, you can replenish your arsenal with elegant earrings to match the color of your eyes.

Dresses and skirts

At first glance, romantic dresses and skirts do not seem to be the best outfits for the maternity rhythm of life. But stylists insist: if you choose models of a laconic free cut in a practical midi length, the new items will fit into your mother’s wardrobe and add a touch of femininity to it.

The big love of all moms is a dress-cut shirt with a belt. The classic style masks the imperfections of the figure and fits easily into various images.

Uncomfortable heels in addition to a skirt are useless: modern fashion favors combinations with sandals, sneakers or rough boots, depending on the season.

We take into account the features of appearance

The color of clothes located near the face can advantageously refresh and transform the appearance. In order not to miscalculate with the choice, stylists advise taking into account the individual color type.

Cold skin tone is an argument for the same cold temperature clothes, and warm skin is beautifully shaded by warm and rich things. For a soft appearance, pastel colors are suitable, and expressive features are emphasized by contrasting combinations.

We hope we managed to convince you that the mission, codenamed “look stylish and attractive on maternity leave” is doable! It’s time to put the tips to the test!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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