How to look younger than your age at 50

How can a woman look younger at 50? The answer must be sought from stylists, makeup artists, cosmetologists and nutritionists. The main thing is to get down to business comprehensively and not be lazy. The best investment is investment in yourself, the best work is work on yourself. In this article, we will look at a few effective tricks.


Many women over 50 try to look back years by choosing clothes from their youth. Each of them inevitably faces the opposite result. You don’t need to try on all the fashionable styles, just as you shouldn’t go to the “grandmother’s” look a la baggy half-dresses-half tunics.

What is worth giving up for sure?

  • Screaming shades and large bright drawings. Include all acid colors and leopard dresses here. An exception to the bright taboo is the shades that suit your color type.

  • mini length. And it’s not about the beauty of your legs. It’s just not the status to flaunt bare knees in the office. Do not go to extremes – floor-sweeping skirts are also very few people.

  • Baggy clothes. Overweight women over 50 often wear hoodies in an attempt to look younger. However, they need to emphasize the dignity of the figure, and in the “bag” the figure turns into a continuous shapeless flaw. A well-chosen dress will build.

What exactly fits?

  • Pastel-colored clothing (but don’t get hung up on beige and gray!);

  • Classic style + small heel. Think of a tulip skirt just below the knee, an elegant blouse without frills and dress pants;

Classic style

  • Stylish outerwear. Meet by clothes. Even if you put on the most beautiful dress, a shabby down jacket will spoil the first impression of the meeting.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: don’t forget about accessories. Scarves, earrings, necklaces, appropriate bracelets and rings will remind you of your enduring femininity.[/stextbox]

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A haircut

Before cutting, remember: for women 50 years old, natural hair color is preferable. This is not about gray hair, but about natural shades. It is better to refuse fiery red and unnatural purple feathers.

Frontal wrinkles will hide bangs well. It can be done with a classic bob or on long hair. Straight bangs are suitable for almost all styling.

Do you have short hair? Make a trendy pixie that will hide wrinkles at the temple and add volume to the hairstyle.

A universal option is a bob-car. Bob can be both classic and elongated.

The cascade will not only add volume to the hair, but also refresh the look. The main thing is to make the steps smooth.

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When choosing a haircut, focus on the structure of your hair and the type of face. For example, chubby women will not fit too short or too long bangs. A heart-shaped face does not need a haircut with extra volume. The triangle will once again emphasize the deep bangs to the eyebrows. And it is better for owners of a square face to refuse ragged angular haircuts.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: do not neglect styling. It is wrong to hide a beautiful haircut in a daily shell. And you can overprotect your hair for as many years as you like. Will it be relevant later?[/stextbox]


Well-chosen makeup will help a woman without plastic surgery look younger at 50 years old. Here are some stylist tips:

  • Don’t try to cover up all the wrinkles with tons of makeup. So you pay extra attention to them. Too defiant makeup will also give the opposite effect: from a seductress you risk turning into a predator.

  • Use matte shadows. Mother-of-pearl is much more clogged into wrinkles and rolls off.
  • No need to brightly paint the lower eyelid and lower eyelashes. It is better to focus on the moving eyelid so that the look is wide open.

  • Cold shades of blush – yes. They tighten the cheeks and cheekbones. An exception is a warm color type of appearance.
  • Choose cosmetics according to age and do not neglect skin care cosmetics.

  • Do not draw sharp outlines. They will contrast with wrinkles. Better learn the shading technique.
  • Apply moisturizer before applying makeup and before going to bed.
  • Buy cosmetics with a light texture.

  • Watch your eyebrows and go for correction in time. No sharp corners or charcoal paint!

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: it is better to point the tip of the eyebrow up to further open the look. [/stextbox]

  • Make masks. On the Web there are many recipes for masks from improvised means, and in stores – ready-made formulations.

We offer you to see photos of beautiful makeup for women 50 years old.[stextbox id=’attention’]Please note: perhaps, after 50 years, it’s time to reconsider the attitude towards anti-aging cosmetic procedures that carry minimal health risks. However, do not confuse them with Botox injections, which are usually given for a different purpose.[/stextbox]

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Good Habits

Appearance is a reflection of the internal state, both mental and physical. Adopt a few habits that will help you stay in harmony with the inner and outer world.

  • Long live sunscreen! It is important to pay attention to the arms up to the elbow, décolleté, neck and face. With the latter, everything is simple – many manufacturers of moisturizers and foundation creams add Spf protection to the product.

  • Use hand cream daily. It is important to apply it not only on the hands, but also on the forearm. If you have kept your face youthful, your hands may give out treacherously.
  • Food + sports. Your body is increasingly difficult to process harmful substances. Now we are not talking about rigid diets, but about healthy restrictions and regular physical activity. Eat as many greens and protein as possible. Control your intake of cholesterol, spicy, fatty and heavy foods.

  • Drink plenty of water. Water will help cells regenerate faster.
  • Get enough sleep. And the point here is not bruises under the eyes, but the body’s ability to accumulate energy for recovery. Sleep prolongs not only life, but also youth.
  • Periodically go for a massage, and start doing Facebook building at home. This is a series of facial exercises that prevent the formation of new wrinkles.
  • Don’t let stress into your life. Less stress – less wrinkles, better health.

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As you can see, it is possible for a woman to look younger at 50! But do not forget: if you really want to, you can sometimes violate our instructions! Who will condemn you for harmless youthful rebellion? True youth is in the soul.

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