How to look younger tips from Evelina Khromtchenko

Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko from our article will tell you how to look younger and, perhaps, forever change your style and idea of ​​​​a beautiful wardrobe.


What hopelessly ages the image

In the answer “What makes a woman older”, Evelina adhered not only to her own observations, but also to the male opinion, so we can count on subjectivity. The fashion expert notes that the paradox of modern women is that they tend to look older or, conversely, much younger than their age. For what? Unclear.

  • Under the category of things that increase age, are tight styles and oversized format “from someone else’s shoulder.” Instead, it is better to opt for a fitted and slightly loose cut.

  • The woman’s age is also betrayed by old-fashioned shoes. Stylish pumps and actual colors look much more advantageous.

  • A bag to match the shoes in a set with the same jewelry is the last century. More interesting combinations are in trend now.

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  • Once you’ve taken a close look at your wardrobe and your shoe collection, it’s time to move on to cutting and styling. Unnatural hair color (as well as black and white tones), old-fashioned haircuts, high styling with a noticeable amount of varnish – all this will emphasize wrinkles and give out a number in the passport, perhaps even increasing this value.

Throw it away immediately!

  • Corrective glasses in thin or old-fashioned frames with all kinds of rhinestones, flowers and other decor are something that is no longer in trend and betrays the image. Khromchenko, by his personal example, shows how stylish glasses should look.

  • If you have chains and rings that you no longer notice because you have been wearing them for 30 years, take them off and send them to the jewelry box.

  • Too tight, mini-lengths, rhinestone appliqués, cartoony prints and flashy colors are sure signs that a woman is desperately trying to rejuvenate, but at the same time looking quite ridiculous. To the ejection!

  • Cheap jewelry and the presence of rhinestones in the decor never benefit a stylish look. Elegance and minimalism are women’s best friends when it comes to jewelry.

  • “Grandma’s” knitwear and old-fashioned light cardigans wide open should be left until better times or thrown away altogether. Even if such things look good, they make the image hopelessly old-fashioned.

Color matters

There is an insidious color palette that ages the look. Read about it below – you need to know the enemy in person!

  • Khromchenko has nothing against the nobility of maroon, but still recommends leaving it for skirts and trousers. The top in this design is not suitable for women over 50, because it automatically adds age. A great alternative to this color can be pastel pink and shades of dusty rose.

  • The marsh, olive and earthy shades of things are in question. They give the face an unhealthy color and emphasize age-related changes.

  • Neon colors, despite their relevance, are also banned. If the soul requires bright accents in the image, it is better to give preference to rich shades of natural colors.

  • The secret property of orange is not in the best light to show age-related changes and bruises under the eyes. If you like this color, go for a softer, pastel version of orange or brown.

  • Dark purple clothes can make the complexion bluish and emphasize its pallor. Instead, it is worth focusing on a soft lavender shade.

  • Stylists are sure that with age, black clothes should become less and less in a woman’s wardrobe.

Color your fashion looks and forget about black

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Tips that will definitely help you

Evelina Khromchenko gave categorical advice that will bring the style of any woman to a new level. She definitely has a lot to learn!

  • Fashion is definitely not about staying true to worn out things. It is worth periodically auditing your closet and getting rid of old-fashioned accessories, clothes and archaic hats without a drop of regret. This will make room for modern stylish shopping. The fashion expert advises to follow the trends of the season, try new styles and combinations, play with proportions and be in trend.

  • Another criterion of youth is a beautiful toned body. Emphasized folds on the sides do not paint anyone, especially after the age of 40 years. If you have not yet reached the gym, rely on slimming corrective underwear – it will provide a beautiful, even body contour.

  • A perfectly fitting bra is also indispensable in creating the “10 years younger” effect. If you have a large collection of underwear that meets only the criterion of “comfortable”, feel free to throw it away. Then buy a good quality bra, in which the chest is shaped and “looks” straight. Only models with a “push-up” Evelina puts on the list of taboos for women of elegant age.

  • Creating your own style begins with the formation of a basic wardrobe from plain clothes with a laconic cut. Equally important is the quality of things – it must be on top. At the stage of creating the base, you should not choose anything extravagant: minimalistic monophonic things look equally impressive at 20 and at 70 years old.

  • A beautiful and confident gait works wonders with the perception of a woman’s age and saves even a boring look.

Formula “wardrobe of youth”

  • Evelina Khromtchenko recommends without a drop of doubt to replace old-fashioned silhouettes with stylish and modern ones. So, a jacket can be replaced with a bomber jacket, a blouse made of flimsy material with an unusual collar for a basic white T-shirt, ugg boots for boots, a brown trapeze fur coat for an inflated coat. In a word, there is a relevant and beautiful alternative for any “outsider” of the wardrobe.

  • A real must-have in creating a fresh and stylish wardrobe is denim. The fashion mantra from Evelina Khromtchenko says that the right jeans make the look younger and are suitable even for women over 50.

True, the fashion expert emphasizes that it is worth looking for the ideal model for hours, or even weeks.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A denim shirt, just like a vest, has the same rejuvenating properties as well-fitting jeans.[/stextbox]

  • A quality skirt of the right length does wonders for a woman’s image. The ideal guideline is a mark just below the knee, which makes the figure graceful and the legs more slender.

  • A collection of stylish belts and belts will be very useful. Emphasis on the waist in an instant will make the figure elegant, and the bow modern.

  • Tips from Evelina Khromtchenko for overweight women remind you of the need for elongated straight trousers and a cashmere V-neck jumper in your wardrobe. Also, a monochrome image has a magical slimming effect.

  • The ideal style for women in adulthood is a classic with a sophisticated touch of chic. Love care…

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