How to make a beautiful manicure at home: step by step

A properly done manicure is not only a bright highlight of the image, but also an opportunity to save your nails from delamination and brittleness. Therefore, before carrying out this procedure at home, it is very important to first familiarize yourself with the basic rules and step-by-step photo instructions that are given in our article.

An integrated approach is the key to a beautiful manicure

What you need

In order for the manicure to turn out to be of high quality and no different from the salon, it is important to acquire several tools in advance, without which you certainly cannot cope.

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These include:

  • Nail scissors. They must be well sharpened and designed exclusively for working with cuticles or nails;
  • nail file;

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When choosing a nail file, preference should be given to glass or sapphire, but it is better to refuse metal ones, as they injure the surface of the nail and contribute to its delamination.


The minimum set of necessary tools

  • Metal spatula or orange stick;
  • Nail clippers;
  • Moisturizing cuticle oil;
  • Remover;
  • A small container or bath for manicure;
  • Sea salt or special cosmetic formulations intended for nail baths;
  • Acetone-free nail polish remover;
  • Hand cream;
  • Shellac or regular varnish, as well as base and top coat.

Gel polish manicure set

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Step by step home manicure tutorials

Today in the segment of the nail industry there are three types of manicure: hardware, classic and unedged. The first one at home without special training is simply impossible to do correctly, but the last two are just the simplest options that even a beginner can handle, guided by the step-by-step lessons below.

Hardware manicure


This manicure can be called the oldest option, which, despite the emergence of new techniques, still remains very popular among most women. It consists of several stages.


  • Step 1

Using a cotton pad or lint-free wipes, use nail polish remover to remove the old decorative finish. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the plate. Just put the disk on the nail, hold for a few minutes and wipe off the old varnish.

Removing gel polish

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In the case of gel polish, a special tool is used that stays on the nails for 10-15 minutes. Another option is to remove the old gel polish with a highly abrasive file or router.


  • Step 2

Adjust the length and shape of the nail plate. To do this, you need to file the nail with gentle movements. If it is too long and you need to clean up quite a lot, then you can use tweezers or scissors for this, and then file it.

Correction of the length and shape of nails

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Please note that today the basis of fashion trends is the short length of the nail plate. As for the shape, it should be as natural as possible, so a rounded square or almond shape is the best option.


  • Step 3

At this stage, it is very important to thoroughly soften the cuticle. If it is very dry and rough, a special softening agent should be applied, followed by steaming. If the skin is normal, a 10-minute bath with sea salt or special oil compositions will be enough for you. After this time, the hands are dried with a paper or terry towel.

Cuticle softening

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  • Step 4

Using a spatula or an orange stick, slightly move the softened cuticle and cut it off with nail scissors. Also, do not forget about rough skin on the sides and burrs. In the event of a cut, the bleeding area must be disinfected.

Cuticle removal

  • Step 5

The final stage, in which the place of the cut cuticle is treated with moisturizing oil, and hands with cream. If further application of a decorative coating is planned, the surface of the nail plate should be degreased and polished with a buff.

buff polishing

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The most fashionable and popular way of manicure today. In addition to being painless, the possibility of getting an infection or fungal disease is also minimal. To begin with, as in a classic manicure, you should remove the excess of the old decorative coating and adjust the shape of the nail plate. Further, a special remover is applied to the cuticle and after the time specified by the manufacturer, the softened skin is removed with a spatula.

European unedged manicure

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The unedged look of the manicure is suitable only for girls with thin cuticles. But the owners of dry and rough skin should give their preference to edged or hardware manicure.


How to properly apply a decorative coating

Beautifully painted nails with varnish, without smudges and stripes – the key to a perfect manicure. But, unfortunately, due to the wrong application technique, even an expensive product can go badly.

Lacquering process

Therefore, so that your efforts are not in vain, and your nails always look perfect, we suggest following the following rules during this process:

  • Make sure that the nail plate is completely degreased, as the durability of the coating depends on this.
  • Always use a base coat. In addition to the fact that it will extend the period of wear, this tool will also provide your nails with reliable protection.

Base application

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  • Lacquer should also be applied in a special way. To do this, make a drop in the center of the nail, which, using a brush, first stretch it with gentle movements to the cuticle, and then along the entire length of the plate. At the end, draw a nail on the sides. Depending on the pigmentation and the desired effect, the varnish can be applied in several layers.

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Today, the Internet has a lot of instructional video tutorials for beginners with detailed examples of how to properly apply varnish and create various designs.



  • Don’t forget to use top coat. In addition to the fact that with its help you can get an additional glossy or matte effect, it also provides protection against chips and other damage.

Top application

As you can see, it is quite easy to do a manicure at home correctly, and with the proper approach, in compliance with all the rules and stages, it does not take so much time….

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