How to make cheekbones more expressive: makeup and exercises

Chubby cheeks cause tides of tenderness in girls, but if these are the cheeks of a baby. Everyone wants to see expressive cheekbones on their face. But, unfortunately, not all of them are as expressive as we would like, and for some they are generally invisible.

And oddly enough, there are several ways to make the cheekbones more expressive:

  1. With the help of cosmetics;
  2. With the help of gymnastics for the face;
  3. With the help of special massages.

Consider each of them in turn, after which you can choose the one you like and deal with yourself.

Makeup to emphasize cheekbones

It is clear that these are “cheekbones” for one day, but not everyone knows how to “draw” or emphasize them correctly.

Let’s start with brushes. We need two brushes – for applying blush and for blending them. It is desirable that the first one be made of natural pile. It can be squirrel or marten hair. The brush should also have special parameters: width – no more than 4 cm, length – no less than 2 and no more than 3 cm. The shading brush should be wide and with the same length of the pile. By the way, it can not be left in blush. After use, it must be washed and dried.

Without foundation, makeup is not makeup. Do you want to highlight your cheekbones? Prepare the skin, apply powder, thanks to it, it will be much easier to apply and blend cosmetics, make-up will lie down evenly.

Powder a few shades darker than your face powder is perfect for creating cheekbones. Correctly find the line of the cheekbones – run your finger at an angle along the cheek. Darken the area under the cheekbones in the direction from the middle of the ear down to the nose to create a soft shadow. From the ear to the nose, not to the mouth! It is very important. This mistake is made by many girls and women. They visually make the face look older.

The most common mistake is the darkening of the zygomatic bone itself.

After the line under the cheekbones is ready, you should apply on the top of the cheekbones, that is, on the bone itself, powder with the natural shade of your skin. We do this in order to create a spectacular contrast between dark and light tones. You just need to remember that everything is well shaded.

We put on the line of the cheekbones and the line below the cheekbones quite a bit of blush, mixing the shades.

Follow the appropriate color intensity. If you apply daytime makeup, then use a little cosmetics and blend well. Toward evening, you can make the accent stronger.

Expressive cheekbones with exercises

In this case, you will need to make a little more effort, but the effect can no longer be removed with makeup remover milk.

After waking up, morning procedures (cleansing the skin of the face, applying a moisturizer), we do the following exercises:

  1. They took a deep breath, made their cheeks like a hamster’s, distributing the air equally in both. Keep your lips closed, and put your palms on your cheeks so that your fingertips touch your ears. Squeeze the cheeks with the palms, and resist the palms with the cheeks. Hold on like this for 5 seconds, relax your face. We repeat 10 times.
  2. Now take a mirror and look at yourself carefully. Sponges made like this “0” and press the tongue to the cheek, the cheek to the tongue. We move the tongue, without taking it off the cheek, pressing it as hard as possible. Moved on one side 20 times, on the other also 20.
  3. Performing this exercise, you need to fantasize a little. Someone will imagine that there is a tennis ball behind the cheek, someone – a nut, someone will come up with something more original. Here we presented, and now we roll this object from one cheek to the upper lip, to the other cheek, to the lower lip. So 20 times.
  4. We hide the lips between the teeth, strain the lips and cheeks. We put our hands on the sides of the face and “pull” the face from the bottom up. Do this exercise before the facial muscles get tired.
  5. This is an interesting exercise! It is advisable to wear disposable gloves, or you can just wash your hands properly. We put the thumb behind the cheek, in its lowest part and move it away. The cheek should resist and press back against the teeth. 10 repetitions is enough for each side.


Japanese massage will help not only make the cheekbones more expressive, but also tighten, rejuvenate the face, and get rid of the second chin. All this is the result of 10 minutes of work on yourself a day! And there are 24 hours in a day, that is, you understand that this can be called a magical ritual?

So, arm yourself with oil. Wheat germ oil, apricot oil, almond oil interact best with the skin, so use them.

We put a small amount of oil on the palm of our hand (to be precise, it is a circle with a diameter of about 2 cm), smear it on the palms, apply it on the face, not forgetting about any zones.

Exercises really work well only in combination, so we don’t throw out the “unnecessary” that does not touch the cheekbones.

  1. We begin to accelerate the course of the lymph. We put our hands at the temples, and now, pressing, we lead down in a straight line to the collarbones. We repeat three times.
  2. Now put your hands horizontally, put them on your forehead, touching your fingers in the middle. Again, pressing hard, we walked to the temples, then turned our hands, went down the same route down to the collarbones. Also three times.
  3. The third exercise is an exercise for the eyes. Since the skin in this area is delicate, it is not necessary to press hard. You will understand the force of pressure, understand how it is necessary, so as not to overdo it, but also not just stroke it. We put our fingers on the skin under the eyes from the side of the outer corner of the eye, moving towards the side of the inner corner. Then we rise to the eyebrows, draw on them, having already increased the pressure, and return to the starting point. Here they pressed in the corner, then loosened it and led to the inner corner, without touching the eyebrows, we return. We move to the temples and go down to the collarbones as in the first and second exercises. It turns out that at one time we make a circular motion, one semicircle, one more, then to the temples and neck.
  4. We put our fingers to the chin, make a circle around the lips, meeting fingers at the top in the middle. They did it three times, pressing harder! Conducted to the side to the temples, then went down to the collarbones as usual.
  5. Nose exercise. We put one finger on one side of the base of the nose, the other on the other. We make movements up and down the wings of the nose. Then the same on the bridge of the nose, only here we need two fingers, and we make movements diagonally. We were taken to the sides to the temples, and then you already know what to do.
  6. We put our fingers at the base of the nose, and since all of them are involved, the nose is surrounded on both sides by fingers. We lead straight to the side, we reached the temples, now we turn our hands, we go down. Again, repeated three times.
  7. We put our fingers on the chin, ran along the mouth, but we don’t make a circle, as in the fourth exercise, but we rise to …

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