How to make hair thinner and softer with the right care

Luxurious hair requires special attention, but for this it is not at all necessary to constantly resort to the services of a hairdresser and pay extra for styling. Today we will talk about how to make hair thinner and softer if it is too dense and coarse, thanks to proper care. It is natural that hair differs in its structure, and accordingly each type of hair requires special care.

Hair structures are: thick and thin, hard and softer, in addition, they can be oily, or vice versa dry, normal or mixed.

Proper care at home

Have you ever thought about the importance of choosing a comb?

We often do not pay much attention to this, but the process of combing and how we do it plays a huge role in proper care, so it is worth considering these recommendations and tips:

  • The comb should be made of natural materials: bristles, wood. Things made from organic products are always more expensive, but it is better not to save on such things. These combs can be used even when the hair is wet.
  • Combing your hair after washing is necessary (!), if you do not do this, then later, you will lose even more hair when you comb dry, tangled hair, and they will look less neat.
  • Comb and before washing your hair, so they will be smoother.
  • Comb your hair, starting from the ends and gradually moving to the roots.

How to wash your hair properly?

Particular attention should be paid to the process of shampooing and doing it correctly, but, unfortunately, they don’t talk about it on TV, and we usually don’t see this in the instructions for use on the shampoo bottle.

  1. Shampoo should be applied only to the root zone. First, take the right amount of shampoo and lather the scalp and roots, then rinse and repeat again, taking a smaller amount of shampoo.
  2. It is necessary to massage the scalp with fingertips, and not scratch, severely damaging it at the same time.
  3. The foam that flows off will be quite enough for the entire length of the hair to be cleansed of the few impurities that may be. In general, shampooing the entire length is the same as washing clean things every day. It needs to be nourished with a balm, and not depleted with shampoo, but the balm cannot be applied to the roots. Do not rub your hair against each other when washing. These moments can be called key in the process of washing your hair. It depends on them whether the hair after styling will be too voluminous, fluffy and hard, or whether it will be soft, thin and silky.
  4. Shampoo and balm must be from the same manufacturer and from the same series.
  5. The water temperature should be optimal, too hot water, like cold water, damages the hair. Rinse off the balm with cool water.
  6. Rinsing with decoctions of herbs will give the hair smoothness and shine, remove excess volume. It can be decoctions of nettles, hop cones, oak bark. Blondes, by the way, need to be careful with dark broths.
  7. Dry your hair first with one towel, then wrap your head with another. Wipe your hair gently, do not “comb” them with your fingers.


How often do you cut your hair and in what way?

First of all, cut off the lifeless ends, it is better to do this with hot scissors, so the effect will be long-term. In order for the hair to appear less thick, the strands should be well profiled, this will give them a lighter and thinner look. When split ends appear, immediately get rid of them, do not think that shampoos, balms, oils can stick them together and make them perfect again. Do not believe the advertisement about the “miracle shampoo”, this is just a trick for sale, they will not bring such a result and will not stick anything together. If you do not cut it, you should notice that the tips break off and growth slows down, and you can immediately forget about the beauty of your hair.

How do you deal with dry hair and how can you avoid it?

Protect your hair when using blow dryers and flat irons as moisture evaporates from your hair. Yes, this is the same steam that we see when we straighten our hair. There are products in stores that work on this principle: they are applied to the hair before heat treatment, and instead of moisture, these products evaporate from the hair. Light sprays are used before blow-drying, and products with a thicker consistency are used before straightening hair.

With the help of thermal protection, many problems with hair can be avoided, in particular, the problems of excessive volume, “fluffiness” of hair, which occur as a result of a lack of moisture in the hair.

You can also make your own thermal protection. To do this, a mixture of nettle, green tea and chamomile (2 teaspoons each) is poured with 2 cups of boiling water and boiled for 20 minutes. Citric acid (1 teaspoon) or lemon juice in the same amount, orange oil (4 drops), 0.5 boric alcohol or simple is added to the filtered and cooled broth. Now we pour our mixture into a convenient spray bottle and use it for health, at least every day. Only apply a small amount of thermal protection to the hair, as an excess of it can lead to contamination of the hair.

If you want your hair not to grow dull and not turn into an unpleasant fiber, you need to protect your hair from solar radiation. In this case, we also have assistants who are waiting on store shelves.

Another tip: do not neglect the hats, and you will be happy! In the cold – a hat or hood, in the heat – a cap, scarf, hat. In order to go out into the street does not turn into a tragedy, you just need to choose the right model of headgear.


We keep our hair in good condition.

If you follow the previous tips, the results will already be visible, but this can only mean that you are on the right track and you need to continue in the same spirit. Every week you need to nourish your hair, saturate it with useful substances and vitamins, only then too voluminous hair will finally become soft and thin. You can do this with the help of masks purchased at the store, or you can take care of your wonderful curls on your own.

Gelatin contains collagen, and for masks it is an indispensable ingredient. Make masks with gelatin with the addition of oils and other products that are good for hair. Such masks have a lamination effect, so that the hair will become soft, smooth and less voluminous after the first application.

Basic gelatin mask: 1 tablespoon of gelatin is poured into 3 tablespoons of water. It is warm water that is needed, if you pour hot water, the mixture will quickly turn into jelly. We wait until the gelatin swells, if it is not all dissolved, then you can put it in a water, steam bath, heat it up in the microwave. Then add 0.5 tablespoon of balm. Further, optionally…

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