How to make Hollywood curls

dream to do Hollywood curls for long hair? There is nothing easier! The secret tricks and step-by-step instructions in this article will teach you how to create amazing styling exactly like celebrity from the red carpet. You can already figure out where you will go with her!


What’s happened

Under “Hollywood curls” they usually have mind large curls, catwhich lie neatly in the same direction. As a rule, these are soft waves in an elegant styling without too much negligence and disorder. They evoke a retro mood, which makes the image even more sophisticated. Such hairstyle looks luxurious and expensive in Hollywood style, and also speaks in the impeccable taste of ladiess.

As for the length of hair for such styling, stylists agree on one thing: heat longer curls, teat smarter will be the result. If you want to show off the beauty of your long hair, big body waves are the way to go!

curling iron – option number 1

To make the festive look as spectacular as possible, you need to pay special attention to styling. Hollywood curls are a classic solution that will allow you tolook elegant and sophisticated at any event.

  • Of course, the first step towards the goal is washing your hair and using balm.
  • Do not wait for the hair to dry completely, but process it thermal protection and lift with a hair dryer and brushing. So you will not only dry the strands faster, but also get additional volume.

  • If you want to achieve maximum volume, additionally use a hair spray or powder and create a light bouffant. Another trick borrowed from professionals is the treatment of the roots with a finely corrugated curling iron.
  • After all the preparatory actions, it is time to decide on the parting. This stylish hairstyle looks best with its lateral location, while most of the hair remains on one side.

  • To fix the created parting, refer to the helpand spray or mousse.

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Note! Such styling requires the use of high-quality products that do not weigh down and do not stick the hair together. Otherwise, there will be no trace of the luxurious Hollywood effect.


  • Armed with a large curling iron, form curls in one direction – right or left.
  • When all the curls are ready, they should be carefully combed.

  • After that, in certain places you will get a bend. In each such area, you need to secure a hair clip to support the desired direction.
  • Spray your hair with varnish and get distracted for 20 minutes.
  • After that, remove the hairpins – the curls should lie in waves in the same direction.
  • Control fixation with varnish and you are ready to conquer everyone with your beauty!

Elegant styling

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Curling with a curling iron – option number 2

  • The preparatory stage is the same – processing thermal protection and blow-drying clean hair.
  • If nature has rewarded you long hair with bangs, you can simply set the laying direction for it. When the front strands are long enough for twisting, form curls out of them with a wide curling iron and pin them with an invisibility.

  • Do the same with each strand. The easiest way is to divide the hair into vertical partings and curl the curls one by one.
  • Only when all the strands have cooled down, remove the hairpins.
  • The most crucial moment of styling is combing the finished curls. Run the comb through your hair several times so that it takes the same direction. At this stage, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • Do not forget to fix the result with varnish. It will also be useful to treat with an emulsion to add shine.

Another styling option using a curling iron


At home It’s easy to learn how to create amazing curls with a flat iron. The whole secret is in the right direction of curling.

  • Treat clean hair first thermal protection and aboutdry them with a hair dryer.
  • Divide your hair into two halves with a horizontal parting. The curl starts from the bottom, while the top is pinned up for convenience.
  • Select a small strand and turn the unit down at the roots. The curl should wrap around the iron. After that, stretch the gadget down the entire strand. Take your time to let your hair curl.

  • In this way, curl all the curls from the lower half and move on to the upper curls.
  • When you curl all the strands, armusing a comb with rare teethIkami and go through all her hair. This manipulation will give the hairstyle a more glamorous look.
  • The obligatory final touch is fixing the finished beauty with varnish.

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Method with curlers

The most suitable curlers for such styling – with a minimum diameter of 4 cm. As practice shows, the larger these assistants are, the more effective the result will be.

Incredible beauty

  • Decide on the parting and treat the hair with a fixative.
  • Separate strands of the desired width one by one and wind them on curlers. In this case, they should be located from the forehead back.
  • Forget curlers for a while. Thermal appliances usually 20-30 minutes is enough for the desired result, and with ordinary curlers will have to be like a couple of hours.
  • After the curls are loosened, comb through them with your fingers or a comb with rare teeth and sprinkle with varnish.

the effectnew result with clamps and brushing

  • Wash your hair and without waiting for them dry, treat with a fixative.
  • Followed by blow drying.
  • Grab a separate strand, wind it around the brush and dry it again with a hairdryer.
  • Remove the curl from brushingwithout changing its circle shape. Pin the strand with a clip to secure this position.

  • Do this with all strands.
  • After 10 minutes, remove the clips and loosen the curls.
  • Go through the hair with a flat comb and fix the result of the efforts with varnish.

Express hairstyle

No time to bother with creating a parting? We have great news: hollywood curls can be done in just 10 minutes!

  • Comb all hair thoroughly so that it is easy to separate individual strands later.
  • Form a high ponytail at the crown.
  • Select a small strand from the tail.

  • Wind this strand on a wide curling iron to the very base.
  • Thus, curl all the strands of the tail. Since we are creating Hollywood styling with large waves, we should not highlight too thin strands.
  • Detangle your hair and fluff it up with your fingers.
  • If you think that your styling needs extra volume, comb the root zone.

Soft waves from bundles

This option completely eliminates the use of curling irons or ironing. Yes, everything can be so simple!

  • Put on a wide bandage on your head as if you were going to do a Greek hairstyle.
  • Treat your hair with mousse or foam for a better…

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