How to make lips plump?

Every modern girl wants to look stylish, fashionable and at the same time natural. Much recently, plump lips have become one of the attributes of beauty. Plumper lips can be achieved with plastic surgery, but it’s not always necessary to take such drastic measures. After all, there are ways to achieve this effect at home without surgery. Here are some simple ways to help you become even more beautiful.

“Fun Gymnastics”

Lips, like any part of our body, must be kept in good shape. To do this, it is enough to do gymnastics several times a day, its plus is that you do not waste time doing it, since it can be done simultaneously with other things.

  • 1 ex. The most famous and effective exercise is “u”. To perform it, you just need to stretch your lips into a tube while pronouncing the sound “y” to the limit. Briefly fix and repeat several times. The advantage of this exercise is that, in addition to the lips, it simultaneously trains the muscles of the neck.
  • 2 ex. This exercise is just as easy to perform as the first and gives no less effect. It is necessary to extend vowel sounds. This can be done both silently and while singing, reading. This exercise is especially suitable for young mothers, because it can be performed while reading a fairy tale, or when you sing a lullaby.


The main secret in natural lip augmentation is the rush of blood to the lips, due to which they become plump and saturated with color. Therefore, a “contrast shower” is useful in achieving the goal of beautiful, plump lips. To do this, you need to take a shallow dish, pour cold water into it and, folding your lips with a tube, pull it forward, lower it into a container. There are two methods to follow in this procedure:

  1. take a second container with warm water, alternately lowering your face to moisten your lips in cold then in warm water.
  2. this method is less effective, but faster, dip the lips into a container of water with an interval of 10 seconds, since the room temperature is on average 25º C, the contrast from cold water will be achieved.

“Ice Cube”

In the mornings, we try to put ourselves in order as quickly as possible, saving every minute. Even with a short amount of time, you can make your lips more expressive and voluminous. To do this, just wipe them with a piece of ice. When making ice, you can add green tea or chamomile infusion, this will soothe the skin and help maintain youthful lips. For a stronger effect, you can add a drop of peppermint oil.

“The best way”

One of the most effective and convenient methods for creating plump lips is massage. It gives the lips not only volume, but also a pronounced, rich color. For massage, it is better to use a medium-hard toothbrush in order not to damage the delicate skin of the lips. Before starting the massage, the brush must be moistened with warm water. With a wet brush, we perform circular, smooth movements. It is better to carry out such a massage before leaving the house, after it it is enough to apply gloss and your lips look more voluminous and natural.

“Cosmetic Tricks”

Lip volume can also be given visually with the help of cosmetics. For lovers of lipstick, a method using a contour pencil is suitable. When applying foundation, apply a small amount of it on the lips – blend, then with a contour pencil, it is desirable that it be the same or close color with lipstick, outline the contour, then apply lipstick and blend with a pencil towards the lips.

For those who do not like to use a lip pencil, this method can be modified, take a cotton swab and touch the lipstick with one tip, outline the lips with this tip – like a pencil, then apply lipstick, as in the previous method. The advantage of this method is the complete match of the color of the contour with the color of the lipstick.

One of the most effective cosmetics for plumping lips is gloss. For the greatest effect, it is better to use glosses with the addition of menthol.
The effect of volume is also given by hygienic lipstick, if you choose its more oily consistency.

“At work and on the road”

Whether you’re at work, on a train, or anywhere else outside of your home, there are a few tricks that don’t require any materials at hand. It is enough to lightly pinch your lips for a few minutes. Also an effective way is to lightly “bite” your lips at short intervals. These methods will provide a rush of blood to the lips.

It is important to remember that your lips will not look seductive if you do not give them proper care. It is enough to occasionally make lip masks. When you eat yogurt, sour cream, honey, apply a small amount of them on your lips and leave for a couple of minutes to remove the mask, just lick your lips. It is important that all these methods are harmless and natural.

By doing at least a few of these tricks, your lips will become more voluminous and acquire a natural and rich color.

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