How to make sealing nails with wax?

If your nails look the most unsightly way, then there can be many reasons for this. Among them, they can be called beriberi, and weather conditions, and even our constant employment at work (and what to do with stress, which also has a very negative effect on the condition of the nail plate). You can try a lot of facials and look amazing, but unkempt hands and nails will make you look messy. Of course, the problem needs to be treated from the inside, but, oddly enough, the procedure for sealing nails with wax also helps to achieve a good cosmetic effect?

Salon – is it necessary?

Many beauty salons vying with each other offer to do a similar procedure with them, luring them with promotions and various foreign materials (one more beautiful than the other). However, keep in mind that this procedure should be repeated more than once. Now imagine what it can result in financially? Not a very funny picture, because sealing nails with wax costs an order of magnitude more expensive than a simple manicure. In all this, there can be only one way out – to learn how to do it yourself, that is, to arrange your own home nail salon.

One, two, three – let’s go!

Unbelievable, but true – in order to “brick” your nails in gel, it is not necessary to devote the whole day to this. Just one hour a day – and you can not only not worry about the condition of your nails, but also be sure of their irresistibility over the next couple of weeks (after all, about the same time the manicure will look like you just left the beauty salon) . What do we do? The whole procedure will consist of several stages, namely: giving the desired shape to the nails, applying oil with vitamins, polishing the nails, applying a wax-containing cream. And now – in more detail.

Secret agents

It’s time to “decipher” the names of those tools that we will use in order to seal the nails with wax. The most important tool here will be a grinding nail file, and preferably one with a suede base. Now let’s turn to the wax products themselves. Of course, you can just go to the store and buy them – it’s good that there are a lot of them on sale. But there is another, counter-proposal: what if we try to make something similar ourselves, with our own hands?

Both useful and pleasant

So, for oil with vitamins, it is best to take a few drops of vitamin A or E solution (or even easier – the well-known “Aevit” in gelatin capsules) and mix them with as many as a few drops of castor oil. And now – about the main tool: You can very well improvise something similar from wax and base oil: the proportions here will be 1:4. Yes, and it’s all quite simple to prepare: after the wax is heated in a water bath, you need to add base oil to it and mix, after which the turn for essential oil will come.

But here there are subtleties, because you need to choose such an oil based on what problems your nails have: for example, with a strong delamination of the nail plate, you can recommend pine, bergamot, cedar or sandalwood oil, but tea tree and chamomile essential oils will have anti-inflammatory effect. Bergamot, ylang-ylang and lavender oils can be used to strengthen nails and give them shine.

The main thing is not to “overdo it”!

But with the addition of essential oil, our homemade wax factory isn’t over yet! The resulting mass should be diluted with water, but just make sure that the consistency does not turn out to be completely watery. That’s basically it. Now it remains only to stir our entire resulting mass and send it to solidify in a dry place.

Are we getting started?

So, we prepared theoretically by reading a bunch of necessary material. Now it’s time to start the direct practical implementation of your skills. To begin with, just steam the nails by dipping them in a salt solution (by the way, we do not steam them for manicure – it’s better, definitely, to do it in advance, especially when it comes to edged manicure). The next step will be rubbing the nourishing cream into the nail bed and polishing the nails. And only after that you can proceed to the direct treatment of the nail bed with wax cream – and each nail should be devoted to at least three minutes.

What will happen next?

And then real miracles will happen to your nails, which will be expressed in their strength, and, therefore, healing – and all this will be provided by nothing more than wax. Over the next few weeks, you can simply forget about problems with nails – they will look so fresh, shiny (even glossy) and strong! All this happens because a protective film of wax forms on the nails, which will not only protect their surface, but also even them out, simultaneously protecting them from the penetration of microbes. Of course, there are also disadvantages here: for example, it will not be possible to cover the nails themselves with decorative varnish because this will reduce the sealing effect, and it is not recommended to grow nails that are too long.

How does it all work?

The fact is that by rubbing the wax with suede, we begin to generate heat, and because of this, a greater flow of blood begins to flow to the nail plate – thus, the nail becomes ready to take the vitamins and minerals contained in the wax inside. The wax itself melts and does not settle on the nails in the form of the thinnest elastic film, filling the entire space with itself and not even leaving “empty” places. The nail even visually begins to look much better than it was before the procedure – shine, color appear, and it even seems that the volume. For information, in the salon for fixing you will also be applied a special powder, which will be absorbed into the wax layer and create the effect of adhesion of the nail plate and the wax substance.

How many times can this be repeated?

Here it is impossible to give unambiguous recommendations, since everything is very individual. For some girls, it is not a problem to “seal” nails even several times a month. But there are those whose nails become more and more sensitive with each such procedure. In a word, experiment and look for what suits you. Good luck and beautiful healthy nails!

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