How to make the chest elastic?

Women’s breasts are women’s pride, as well as fears and doubts. After all, every woman in her life thinks about her breasts more than once. We are visited by fears that she may not be big enough, what will happen to her after childbirth, and if He does not like her, etc.

But you need to remember that men are different and everyone has their own tastes, some like big breasts, some like small ones. The main thing is that the chest is elastic and not saggy. To do this, you just need to follow the simple rules for caring for the bust.

Taking care of the décolleté area

One of the main rules for a good tone of the bust area is the right bra. Both tight and free are equally harmful. In tight we disrupt blood circulation, and in the free we ourselves allow the chest to sag. For those who play sports, there are special bras, without which, with constant activity, the skin stretches and sags the chest.

No need to sunbathe “topless”, because under the rays of the sun the skin on the chest ages very quickly. Wrinkles appear on the areola, and the décolleté area may become covered with age spots. Everyone knows that here the skin is much thinner than even on the face, so there is no need to add stress to it.

Your posture is also important: After all, with a flat back and straight shoulders, the chest is more taut, since the muscles of the chest take on a share of the load.

Do not overdry the skin, do not use too hot water and soap. Choose a special moisturizing gel. Use creams with vitamins.

Do not neglect the massage with a contrast shower. Or we replace it with a regular massage (circular movements from the bottom of the chest to the chin).

Return to elasticity

We form the chest. It would be good to do exercises from the very beginning and not let the breasts lose their shape. But if you want, then you can return the form to her without the intervention of doctors. Sagging breasts occur due to a lack of muscle tissue. And for its elasticity and return to its place, we need to build up the muscles of the chest.

bust workout

  • We get on our knees and place our hands on a low object a meter away from us (special platform or edge of the sofa). Bend your arms and touch the platform with your chest. After that, with the power of only the hands, we return to the starting position. We hold our hands shoulder-width apart and do not bend our back. We perform the exercise to the best of our ability, gradually increasing up to 15 times. After getting used to this exercise, it will be possible to perform push-ups from the beginning from the platform, then from the floor.
  • We cross our palms at chest level and press on each other until you feel the tension of the muscles of the chest. We remain in this position for 10 seconds and relax, and so on 15-20 times. We try to strain the muscles as much as possible. We raise bent arms at the elbows above the head, again join hands and repeat 15-20 times
  • Take an expander or a tight elastic band. Standing or sitting position, back and shoulders straight. We take and stretch the expander or elastic band at shoulder levels, spreading our arms to the sides. We try to spread our hands as much as possible. We hold our hands in the final position for 10 seconds and return to the sp. We repeat 10-15 times, while not forgetting that the hands must always be on the same line.
  • We lay down on the floor, hands to the sides. We try to strain our arms and raise the chest (while inhaling). We return to the SP, exhale and relax. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • Feet shoulder-width apart, Right hand on the hip, and the left in the air circle. The muscles must be tense. We draw three circles forward, three back and change hands and so on 8-10 times for each. Now with both hands we are trying to repeat the movements of the swimmer. We do everything quickly. You can use dumbbells for this.
  • We lie down on the floor, bend our legs and focus on the feet. We take dumbbells in our hands and raise them above ourselves. We take a breath and slowly spread our arms to the sides, trying not to touch the floor. We remain in this position for the same 10 seconds. In this case, you need to feel the stretching of the muscles. On the exhale, we return to the I.P. During this exercise, the spine should not bend, but firmly pressed to the floor.
  • We cross our arms at chest level, put our palms on our elbows, and raise them, but at the same time we interfere with our elbows. We repeat 10 times.
  • Put your hands together in front of you at neck level so that the depressions between the thumbs and forefingers are connected. Raise your elbows, squeezing your hands with force, resting your thumbs. And so 10 times
  • We press our palms on each other, standing position. We hold our hands at the level of the neck with the fingers up. 10 seconds 5 times.

If you do not skip training, the result will be visible after 5 weeks.

Mask for beautiful breasts

The skin of the chest, like the face, needs nourishment and restoration. We use masks for this. They need to be applied at least once every two weeks. Going to salons is popular these days, but sometimes it can be expensive, so here are some helpful tips on how to make masks at home.

Cucumber, lemon and orange juice useful for breast skin. You can cover your breasts with thinly sliced ​​lemon for a few minutes. Then apply a nourishing cream. Orange and cucumber can be used in the same way.

Strawberries will help restore the pink color and firmness of the breasts. With a mixer or whisk, beat the strawberries with 2 tablespoons of cream. Apply for 10 minutes on the chest. This mask will help the skin regain its former tone and narrow the pores.

Creams, creams and more creams

Constantly leaving the shower, do not forget about the cream or nourishing lotion. After all, the skin of the chest does not tolerate moisture loss, then the use of the cream is not a luxury, but a necessity. Use creams containing collagen, vitamins, A E, protein. Creams containing extracts from plants are also useful. Also use pine essential oils, aloe vera, etc. Creams containing extracts of lemon, jojoba and nutmeg rose will help rejuvenate the chest. Many world famous companies produce nutrients in ampoules.

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