How to make the effect of wet hair?

In the 80s, the “wet hair effect” was relevant in fashion. It took 30 years before he returned to fashion. True, with a few changes. For example, before, wet strands were done all over the head, now more accurate styling (in separate strands) is relevant. Basically, such styling is done in the summer, because. in winter, such a hairstyle can greatly damage the hair, and even under a hat it is not so important. This hairstyle is very well suited for an “airy” dress.

Creating wet strands does not have to be done on long hair, the hairstyle will also look good on medium and short hair.

Texturizer and styling products.

Gels, mousses, waxes, special hairsprays to support the shape of the hair, sprays, all this will help you get wet strands. Also, there is a new texturizer tool. Mostly used by stylists. Its price is not available to everyone. It costs about 650 rubles. The texturizer straightens hair and gives a glossy shine to individual strands. It must be applied to damp hair and dried naturally. The texturizer can be replaced with a mixture of gel and hair oil. I advise you not to overdo it, otherwise the effect (especially for girls with blond hair) will be negative!

For girls with medium length hair, it is best to use hairspray. If your hair is curly, then hair mousse will help. Such a hairstyle will give the appearance of a slight mess. The main thing is not to overdo it!

For girls who want to make the effect of wet hair quite often, it is advisable to purchase a comb with sparse teeth.

I advise you not to save much on products such as hairspray, mousse, wax, gel, because replacing them with beer, oil or syrup will help attract not only men, but also bees to your hairstyle.

Making the effect of wet hair at home.

Doing the effect of wet hair at home, and even on your own, is not so simple. It is unlikely that anyone can do such a hairstyle the first time. Now I will tell you how to do such hairstyles and what they are.

Curly hair from nature.

The first thing we start with is to wash our hair, as usual (with shampoo, balm and other means). Then we will try to remove excess moisture from the hair. To do this, wrap your hair with a large towel. Let’s wait 5-10 minutes. Next, comb your hair gently.

Take the gel or mousse and squeeze it into the palm of your hand, then make sure that both palms have the same amount of product. Now gently and little by little apply the gel or mousse (depending on what you took) to the hair. But it will be more beautiful if you apply the products not to all the hair at once, but to individual strands and, most importantly, evenly! Try to take a little. In this hairstyle, the main thing is not to overdo it. Then we wait until the hair dries itself. Never use a hair dryer! To form perfect curls, squeeze the strands with your hands. For volume at the roots of the hair, it is enough to lift the hair with your fingers until they give the shape you need. Now that the hair is dry, you need to apply hairspray to the hair to fix it. After that, you can not comb your hair!

Natural straight hair.

As in the first case, I wash my hair, after which we dry it naturally, leaving it LITTLE damp. After that, we wind the hair. To do this, we divide the hair into small strands and wind them on curlers. Then we must dry them and remove the curlers. If you have a hairdryer with a diffuser, then first we apply mousse or gel to wet hair, then divide the hair into several strands (large or small, at your discretion), wrap it around your finger, then carefully transfer the curls to the diffuser and dry the hair from below up.

The tips or roots of the hair can be made wet, the hairstyle will look more neat. Very beautiful and fashionable, it can also be a wet ponytail. It is very important to be careful with the application of mousse or gel and experiments, the main thing is not to overdo it!

How to make a ponytail using the “wet hair effect”

The “wet hair effect” will help you a lot to create a high “pony” tail. First, wash your hair and dry it a little with a towel. Don’t use a hair dryer! Gather wet hair into a high ponytail, secure with a hair tie. Next, smooth the ponytail and unruly pop-up hair with gel, and slightly lift the hair from above. Let your hair dry, and you can safely go to a disco or a romantic date.

Styling hair with foam

Basically, hair foam is needed for girls who have straight and liquid hair. It gives volume to any styling, as well as simply loose hair. Unlike mousses and gels, foam will look more natural and lively. You just need to know how to use it correctly. Here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Foam must be applied exclusively to wet hair. If the hair is very wet, then due to the foam they will stick together and you will have to wash your hair again.
  2. The amount of foam should not exceed the palm of your hand.
  3. After we have applied the foam to the hair, it is necessary to distribute it in equal portions throughout the head. A comb with rare teeth will help us with this. Then, we wait until the hair is dry, and we can proceed to the styling itself.
  4. In order to give volume to the hair, it is necessary to blow a hair dryer on the hair while combing it.
  5. If you want slightly rounded ends, use a round comb. Wrap your hair around the comb and blow it with a hair dryer, thereby betraying the shape and volume.
  6. To finish the hairstyle, you need to select a few curls, and by pressing them with your palm (in which there is already foam), we make the effect of wet hair. The hairstyle does not need to be varnished.

Be always charming, and take care of yourself! The good appearance of a girl is her self-confidence and a sure sign that the day will go off with a bang! 🙂

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