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How to make the world a better place: eco-friendly clothes are trending in summer 2020

Caring for the environment and economical use of natural resources are ideas that have become popular not only in politics, but also in fashion.

eco-friendly clothing

The trend for “environmental friendliness” in clothing is becoming widespread and includes several elements at once:

  • refusal to quickly update the assortment and excessive production (there is no “fast fashion”);
  • the use of fabrics and fibers, the production of which does not harm the environment;
  • creating clothes from recycled materials;
  • reuse of clothes (things are donated to charity, to special stores);
  • extending the life of wardrobe items (quality goods can be worn longer).

environmental friendliness in clothing

Organic materials are recognized as “green”

Natural materials such as linen, silk, wool and cotton are still prized by fashion manufacturers, but only those firms that use technologies that cause the least damage to nature can achieve the title of “sustainable” brand.

natural materials

In this regard, cheap cotton turned out to be not the most positive, because in some countries pesticides are used for its cultivation, and harmful chemicals are used for dyeing. Produced without the use and release of toxic substances, fabrics are called organic cotton. This material is used by “responsible” or “sustainable” brands in the fashion industry.

dress made of natural materials

Unusual types of fabrics are also gaining popularity: from bamboo fibers, from hemp, ramie (based on nettle), from orange pomace, pineapple fiber, apple peel.

unusual fabric

The garments created from them are “environmentally friendly” in production, are cheap, quickly and easily decompose without polluting nature.

eco clothes

Better than natural or not?

Artificial fabrics produced using new technologies siblon (based on the resins of coniferous trees), lyocell and tencel (artificial fibers based on eucalyptus wood), modal (from wood), in addition to the absence of environmentally harmful components, are superior to natural ones in many ways.

artificial fabrics

Several fashion houses at once included items made from recycled materials (recovered wool, cotton) in their collections. Recycled nylon and polyester are also used.

fashion suit

eco dress

But faux fur, although it prevailed at fashion shows in the form of voluminous bright fur coats, is recognized by experts as quite controversial, because its production is far from environmentally neutral.

bright fur coat

Brands that are recognized as “sustainable”

The title of environmentally responsible brands of Russian clothing manufacturers was earned by the brands Nnedre, Strogo Vintage, Parcel, Roza Klozes. Foreign leaders in this direction are Eileen Fisher, People Tree, Reformation.

brand clothes

How to be in an ecotrend

Everyone who buys clothes can do their part to protect the environment and conserve resources. To do this, you can start with small changes: be responsible in the choice of wardrobe items in terms of materials and brands, buy new things less often, donate clothes that you can wear to charity, donate old clothes for recycling.

eco trend in clothes

These efforts will help avoid pollution of the planet with waste and preserve nature for future generations.

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