How to make wet hair effect at home

Today we offer all modern girls to learn how to make the effect of wet hair at home. This is definitely a very important skill for fashionistas who want to be on trend and look their best. Go!


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Models with hair “only from the shower” so often flashed at the top shows that it became clear to everyone that this is an unconditional hit of the 2019 season. This beauty trend is easily adapted to everyday life and is in harmony with various hairstyles.

The stylish effect of wet hair is equally well combined with romantic dresses, large-knit sweaters, coats, short shorts and T-shirts, as well as trouser suits.

Who is this stylish styling? Absolutely all girls with different hair lengths! The image of a “surfer’s girlfriend” looks charming on the owners of a square, more sophisticated options are ideal for long or medium hair.

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Note! The effect of wet strands emphasizes the beauty of brown-haired women, but requires a minimum of styling products from blondes.


Task number 1 – the choice of styling

Before you get to the fun part – styling your hair – you need to choose the right styling tool.

  • Wax is indispensable for creating the most creative hairstyles and promises flawless results on short strands.
  • Using a gel is always a kind of risk, because it can give the impression of a dirty hair. But if you choose the optimal amount of product, styling will delight you with luxurious glossy shine and durability.
  • Salt spray will be appreciated by owners of long or medium hair who love styling with a romantic beach mood.

  • Foam or hair mousse are the main favorites of all fashionistas, because with them it is easiest to make the effect of wet hair. The texture of the product does not stick together individual hairs and looks natural. Also, foam or mousse will not treacherously weight the strands and prevent the creation of volume. These products are ideal for medium or long hair, as well as curly hair.
  • The final stage of any styling is fixing the result with hairspray. You can choose a glossy varnish that will add an attractive shine to the hairstyle.

Wet style for straight strands

This hairstyle is universal in its simplicity and beauty – it is ideal for a romantic date or a walk with friends. However, if you complement this styling with a ponytail or other elegant hairstyle, then you can safely go to work or a special event with it.

Method number 1 – with coconut oil

  • Straight hair suggests that styling begins on dry strands.
  • Apply coconut oil to your hair – it will provide the effect of wet strands.
  • Knead your hair with your hands so that it takes on a stylish shape of light curls.

Method number 2 – creating a ponytail

  • To make your hair happy with obedience, start creating only a day after washing your hair.
  • Comb your hair and pull it into a ponytail at the crown.
  • Armed with a comb with frequent teeth and smooth the strands on top.
  • If desired, select a strand from the tail and wrap an elastic band around it – the finished hairstyle will only benefit from this.
  • Spread a styling wax over your hair for an attractively smooth finish.
  • Apply hairspray with a glossy effect.

Method number 3 – using curlers

  • Wash your hair and let it dry naturally.
  • When they are almost dry, but still slightly damp, wind individual strands around the curlers.
  • When the hair is completely dry, remove the curlers and treat the curls with gel or mousse (if you rely on basal volume).

Method number 4 – the use of curlers can be replaced with the creation of braids to get such a spectacular result as in the photo.

Taming curly strands

Having natural curls and not trying to make a fashionable hairstyle with the effect of wet hair is a real beauty crime. Fixing it!

Method number 1 – using mousse or gel

  • Wash your head.
  • To remove excess moisture, wrap your hair with a towel for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then gently comb the strands.
  • Grab some mousse or gel and spread the product through your hair. The main thing at this point is the uniformity of application and the study of individual strands.
  • Hairdryer in such styling is not needed. You need to give your hair the desired shape with your hands – just squeeze the strands with your fingers, and in the root zone lift them for volume.
  • When the hair dries, fix the result with varnish and in no case comb it.

Method number 2 – you only need varnish

  • Wash your hair and wait until the hair is almost completely dry. An alternative way to create slightly damp strands is with a spray gun.
  • Spray the middle and ends of the strands with varnish. The roots should not be touched for the reason that the varnish can make them heavier and create the illusion of dirty hair.
  • Until the varnish is dry, crumple individual strands with your hands.
  • When the curls are laid, use varnish for the control time.

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Styling with mousse

This technique has proven itself on straight hair of various lengths and textures.

  • Lightly dampen the strands with water. In order not to overdo it, you can do this with a spray bottle.
  • Spread the mousse over the entire length of the hair, not forgetting a single strand.
  • Wait for your hair to dry naturally.
  • Then highlight the strand, process the mousse again and wind it on the curlers.
  • After a while, remove the curlers and remember the curls with your fingers.
  • Spray the result with varnish, which is responsible for durability and lack of fluffiness.

Short hair styling

How to make the effect of wet hair at home on short hair? Easier than easy! This method will not require much time from you and will turn you into a style icon in just a few minutes. Check?

Method number 1 – gel to help

  • Wash your head.
  • Dry lightly, taking care to keep the roots dry and the tips slightly damp.
  • Select individual strands with gel and beat them with your hands, lifting at the roots.
  • Using a large comb, give your hair the desired shape.
  • When the hair dries naturally, you can add a little fashionable disheveledness and sloppiness with a hair dryer.
  • Fix the result with varnish.

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On a short length, hair styling looks amazing back. This design strand favorably opens the face and goes well with a luxurious evening dress.

  • Treat all strands with gel.
  • Comb your hair towards the back.
  • Smooth them with a comb control time and fix with varnish.

Wet strands on a short length look very impressive. Here are a few ways to create a trendy look based on this styling:

  • if your haircut involves bangs, you can curl and style it in a retro style;
  • smoothed or slightly tousled short strands are amazingly combined with fashion accessories with pearls or stones;
  • using wax or gel, you can set the tips …

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