How to make your nose smaller with makeup

In this article, we tell and show how to reduce the nose and correct its shape with the help of makeup. Take it step by step and you will succeed!

What will you need

It is easy for make-up artists to correct facial features with the help of decorative cosmetics and bring them closer to the ideal. However, this is also possible for ordinary girls – you just need to arm yourself with a few tools.

  • Ideally, the whole process begins with the application of a foundation or base. In the makeup bag of many modern fashionistas, there was a primer – a real magic wand that evens out skin tone and contributes to the durability of the make-up. In daytime makeup, a primer can even eliminate the need for foundation.

  • With corrective procedures, light cosmetics will certainly be required, which will embody a glare in makeup. There are many options – a highlighter, a light tone of shadows, a powder, a corrector or a special pencil. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a matte or pearlescent product. However, the last finish is often appropriate only in an evening look. It is also worth considering that mother-of-pearl is completely unsuitable for problem skin, as it treacherously emphasizes all imperfections.

Makeup artists help fashionistas avoid common mistakes. They warn that when creating highlights, you should not use gray and marble tones, as well as cosmetics that are lighter than 2 shades.

  • When correcting facial features, a darker component is also useful. You can opt for foundation, beige shadows, stick or powder. A cold brownish tone is suitable for most girls, but hints of a redhead are recommended to be avoided.

Wide nose correction

If you are embarrassed by a wide nose, you can follow a simple plan of action from famous makeup artists when correcting it.

  • First of all, a make-up base is applied and, if necessary, a foundation that evens out the skin.

  • Then the highlighter comes into play – this tool should be located in the middle of the nose along the entire length from the bridge of the nose to the tip. You don’t have to go far with the highlighter – the radiant tone is often also applied to the chin, the inner corners of the eyes, above the cheekbones and under the eyebrows to create volume and the effect of radiant skin.

  • Now it’s worth arming yourself with a tool with which it’s easiest for you to blend the borders. The choice can fall on a brush or sponge. With the selected tool, you need to make the edges of the highlighter application invisible.

  • At the final stage, loose powder or another favorite tool comes into play to embody the contour a tone darker than the highlighter. Arm yourself with a brush, scoop up cosmetics and be sure to remove the excess. When applying the product on the wings of the nose, it is recommended to keep smooth circular movements.

A wide nose often goes to girls with a pear-shaped or round face. Such ladies can additionally create an artificial shadow on the temples and in the lower part of the cheeks, bringing the shape closer to a more oval one.

If you are confused by the wide back of the nose, you can draw new borders closer to the middle, leading them to the end. Along the central part, it is worth drawing a thin straight line with the help of lighter cosmetics.

For girls who are worried about wide wings, makeup artists recommend paying special attention to driving in dark pigment in the problem area. If you carefully shade the border of this product, you can even do without applying a highlighter in the center.

Long nose correction

Many girls also seek to correct a long nose with the help of the magical properties of makeup. Makeup artists shared a universal way that will allow you to achieve your goal.

  • The initial stage is classic and involves the application of a base and a tonal foundation.

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  • Then it is worth making a highlight with a light pigment. Makeup artists advise applying the tool in the center of the nose along the entire length, but ignore the tip.

  • A darker tone is applied directly to the tip and wings. The secret of the success of the new image is still the same thorough shading.

Makeup, which helps to make a long nose visually smaller, involves the use of dark pigment with a difference from the natural skin tone by 1-2 shades. Another important point. To reduce the tip of the nose with makeup, you should arm yourself with a light corrector and draw two lines with it – in the center of the nose and on the tip with a pronounced rounding. It is also important to carefully shade the borders between the light areas. This simple technique will visually reduce the length.

Potato nose correction

Many readers are also interested in how to use makeup to reduce the nose with potatoes – a trait that is common in many girls.

When correcting this form, it is worth using a dark-colored cream corrector – such an assistant should be applied to the sides of the nose. Then make-up artists recommend drawing straight lines towards the tip, while ignoring the natural curves. The final touch is a thorough shading of cosmetics and fixing the result of efforts with loose powder. On the central part of the nose, you can safely apply powder cosmetics with reflective particles.

Hump ​​nose correction

How to reduce a hump nose with makeup – another common appearance feature? It is worth emphasizing that it is unlikely that this feature will be corrected in profile, but in full face it is very possible.

The action plan is simple – you need to darken the hump area with a dark sculptor and carefully blend the border. If you want to visually align the contour of the nose, you can additionally draw a central even line with the help of a highlighter – the created highlight will visually correct the shape.

The rest of the makeup

Nose correction will look natural and harmonious only if the same shades are used for the rest of the make-up. For example, a selected sculptor can be additionally applied to the cheekbone area to support the intended makeup course.

In the daytime look, makeup artists recommend abandoning active sculpting to avoid the effect of a mask. In most cases, it is enough to apply a light highlight and its responsible shading. If you can’t do without dark pigment, bet on the most natural shade.

To make the image beautiful, create makeup by the window in natural light. This is the only way to make the transitions between shades smooth and imperceptible.

Keep in mind that the correction of facial features does not always work out the first time – many girls need to practice several times to achieve their goal.

To achieve the desired result as quickly as possible, remember that the first strokes of the brush should always be applicative, and subsequent strokes should be soft and shading.

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