How to make your own anti-cellulite soap

What is anti-cellulite soap?

Any woman is capable of preparing such a necessary soap at home. To do this, you do not need to have a laboratory or a higher chemical education at hand. All you need is your desire, a few common ingredients and, of course, a good mood.

Anti-cellulite soap includes in its composition abrasive particles, which, when lathering the body, will play the role of a massager, and essential oils, which increase blood circulation in the vessels.

As a rule, the following components are most often used: sea or ordinary table salt, natural loofah washcloth, dry, ground orange peel, sugar, coffee grounds. Getting them is not difficult, because they are in the kitchen of any hostess.

Of the essential oils that are most effective in the fight against cellulite, the following can be distinguished:

  • e. m. orange;
  • e. m. tangerine;
  • e. m. bergamot;
  • e. m. cinnamon;
  • e. m. rosemary.

They not only show a warming effect, but also help to reduce sagging and restore skin elasticity.

The easiest way

The easiest and most affordable way is to digest baby soap. To give an anti-cellulite effect, you can add sea or regular salt. So, for this soap you will need:

  • A pair of saucepans that fit one into the other to build a water bath (you can use a saucepan and a glass bowl for a microwave oven).
  • Grater.
  • Protective face mask.
  • A bar of baby soap.
  • Sugar 2 tbsp. l.
  • ½ tsp any oil.
  • Salt (about half a cup).
  • Essential oil of orange or cinnamon – 10 drops.
  • A form into which you will pour soap (a disposable plastic container is quite suitable).

First, put on a mask so that soap dust does not enter the respiratory tract. Grate a bar of soap and pour a glass of water over it. Industrial soap does not dissolve well, so it will be better if you do it in the evening, the soap will soften overnight and look like jelly.

We put the softened soap in a water bath, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar and stir. Gradually, the soap begins to melt. In the meantime, we take the essential oil of orange or cinnamon and dissolve 10 drops in cosmetic oil.

When the soap mass will have a homogeneous structure, remove from the water bath and let cool slightly. Next, add cosmetic oil, sea salt to the melted soap. Salt should be added in a tablespoon, stirring each time, until the mass resembles the consistency of sour cream.

Everything should be thoroughly mixed again, poured into a pre-prepared form and left to harden for a couple of hours. This soap can be used immediately after it hardens.

Tip #1: if you take coarse salt, then such soap can scratch the skin. It will be better if you grind the salt in a coffee grinder or blender.

Tip #2: It will be better if you use cosmetic oil, for example: avocado, grape seed, almond, peach. If there are no such oils, then ordinary sunflower oil can also be used.

Tip #3: Small silicone baking molds can be used as a soap mold.

Tip #4: To remove air bubbles formed on the surface of the soap, just spray the soap with alcohol from a spray bottle.

Use soap base

For those who are already at least a little familiar with soap making and use a soap base, much more opportunities open up: you can experiment not only with color and shape, but also cook soap with different fillings, combine layers: in a word, give free rein to your imagination.

The soap base is easy to purchase in a specialized store, if there is one in your city, or you can order it online.

The soap base is easy to use and has a number of positive properties:

  • does not dry the skin;
  • has no smell;
  • foams up great.

Anti-cellulite soap with loofah

Before preparing anti-cellulite soap from the base, you need to decide on the components. The main element of our soap will be loofah – a plant of the pumpkin family, its ripened fruits are dried, then boiled, and the hard inner frame is used as a washcloth. Loofah is sold in any household department of the store, usually next to bath accessories.

We will tint the soap with turmeric, this is not just a wonderful spice, and a natural dye, turmeric evens out the skin, tightens it, increases blood circulation, promotes the resorption of scars and stretch marks.

To make loofah soap, you need the following:

  • A microwave oven or a pair of saucepans that fit one into the other to build a water bath.
  • Soap base – 100g.
  • Base (cosmetic) oil – ½ tsp
  • Loofah.
  • Essential oils of orange – 5k and cinnamon – 5k.
  • Turmeric-1st.l.
  • Soap mold or disposable plastic container.

Cooking process:

  1. Cut off a piece of loofah and lay it in the mold.
  2. Dissolve 10 drops of essential oil in the base oil.
  3. Cut the soap base into cubes: the size of the cubes should be approximately the same as that of refined sugar pieces.
  4. Put the soap base to melt in a microwave oven or in a water bath. In a microwave oven, melting soap base at high power takes about 20 seconds. Do not allow the soap base to boil.
  5. In the melted base, add the base oil, with the essential oils dissolved in it.
  6. Add turmeric to your soap base.
  7. Pour the soap base into the loofah mold and leave to harden. This may take about an hour.

Soap can be used immediately after it hardens.

Tip #1: do not add more than ½ teaspoon of base oil to the soap – the excess will not be absorbed, but droplets will appear on the surface.

Tip #2: do not drip essential oil into the soap base itself, it is better to dissolve it in base oil or glycerin.

Tip #3: do not use more than 10 drops of essential oil per 100 gr. soap base, otherwise you risk getting a chemical burn.

Tip #4: so that the turmeric does not take pieces in the soap base, first dilute it in a small amount of water: about 1-2 tsp.

Anti-cellulite soap with zest and glycerin

For this soap you will need:

  • Soap base – 100g
  • Base oil – ½ tsp
  • Ground orange zest – ½ cup
  • Glycerin – ½ tsp
  • Soap mold or disposable plastic container.

Cooking process:

  1. Melt the soap base in the microwave or over a water bath.
  2. Add glycerin to the melted base, mix and add the zest by a tablespoon, while stirring the mass.
  3. After all the zest has been used, pour the soap mass into a mold and leave to harden for 1 hour.

Tip #1: use only well-dried zest, fresh zest can cause mold in the soap.

Tip #2: do not use more than ½ tsp ….

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