How to make your voice beautiful

Each person, like fingerprints, has an individual and unique voice. It is one of the main tools by which a person communicates with other people. Thanks to the peculiarities of the voice, a person can establish contact with the audience, win the favor and trust of the listener, or, conversely, alienate the interlocutor. It is known that more than 90% of information is transmitted verbally, with the help of voice. Therefore, what impact you will make on the interlocutor directly depends on a clear, calm and expressive voice.

If you speak in a calm, measured tone, and your voice sounds free, sincere, velvety and juicy, what you say always matters. While enjoying your speech, people will listen carefully to the form, not the content, and therefore, fall under the influence of you and your voice. On the one hand, we are talking about the voice as a means of manipulation, but on the other hand, the effectiveness of your communication, speeches, negotiations will increase significantly.

By nature, each person is given a sonorous and rich voice, but the influence of social institutions, schools determines the formation of a timbre that is not always close to ideal. With the restriction of the freedom of a child, an adult develops a number of complexes, he is afraid to sing, speak in front of an audience, and strike up conversations with strangers. As a result, we do not like our own voice and, as a result, we use only 5-10 percent of its capabilities. As a result, we get a person who is unsure of himself, his abilities and strengths.

Is it possible to return the natural possibilities of the voice and make it beautiful?

Each person is endowed with a sonorous and beautiful voice by nature, it is only necessary to learn how to reveal these possibilities. According to modern psychologists, there are two factors that prevent our voice from sounding good – physiological and mental. The main cause of physiological problems is most often diseases of the upper respiratory tract, throat or vocal cords. To resolve these unpleasant issues, you need to contact a doctor who will detect the problem and tell you how to deal with it.

The second factor – psychological – is most often caused by the human fear of speaking in front of the public, communicating with strangers or unfamiliar people. In this case, you need to love your voice, learn how to use it correctly, eliminate speech defects that lead to fear and insecurity.

It is enough to devote ten minutes a day to special exercises and the sound of your voice will improve significantly. To get started, try recording your voice on a tape recorder, listen to the recording and analyze the features of the pronunciation of vowels, exclamatory and interrogative sentences, complex sound and word combinations. Point out what you don’t like and try to fix these problems with the following exercises.

Exercises for a beautiful voice!

To get started, learn how to bring your articulatory apparatus into tone, do it with the help of a special growl exercise. Draw out the letter “r”: from a high sound to a low one and vice versa. Repeat the exercise ten times, then clearly and quickly say:

  • bra-be-bi-bo-boo;
  • tra-te-ti-to-tu;
  • deputy-zem-zim-zom-zu.

Then try the following tasks and exercises:

  1. To begin, take a deep breath and exhale, as you exhale, begin to pronounce vowel sounds in turn: “iiiiii”, “eeeeee”, “aaaaaaaa”, “ooooooooo”, “uuuuuuu”. Pronounce sounds slowly and expressively, repeat the exercise 3 times.
  2. In order to tidy up the chest, try mumbling the sound “m” with your mouth closed. Repeat the task several times, each time pronouncing the sound louder than the previous one.
  3. Take a deep breath and exhale and begin to accurately and expressively pronounce the words: carpet, product, cheese, rice, rank, ring, frost, king. This will help give your speech accuracy and clarity.
  4. Read the following tongue twisters, memorize them and repeat the exercise several times a day:
    1. The hedgehog has a hedgehog, the snake is shrunk;
    2. Kondrat has a short jacket;
    3. In the pond at Polycarp there are three crucians, three carps;
    4. Grass in the yard, firewood on the grass. Do not cut wood on the grass of the yard.
  5. The exercise, which is called “Tarzan”, will not only strengthen the vocal cords, but also help in the prevention of colds and cardiovascular diseases. Take a deep breath, clench your hands into fists, start making the sound “eeeeee” and beat yourself in the chest with your fists, as the hero of the film did. Repeat the same exercise with the sounds: a, e, o, u. After that, cough well – clear your bronchi.

Do these exercises every day, develop your vocal abilities and remember that not only accuracy and expressiveness is important for a beautiful voice, but also melody and intonation. Therefore, remember the following rules:

  • always answer as if you are talking about something very interesting and pleasant;
  • every day repeat letter combinations and combinations of words that are difficult for you to pronounce;
  • learn how to make logical pauses in speech, highlight basic information.

Repeat the exercises every day, this will make your speech beautiful and melodic. Remember that a deep, velvety voice seems exciting and sexy to many men, and often acts on representatives of the strong half of humanity better than any aphrodisiacs.

How to influence men with the help of voice? How to make your voice seductive?

A lot of men think that a velvety low female voice sounds the sexiest. To charm a man with your voice, you should speak in a calm tone, the voice should sound soft and loud. If it is acceptable in this situation, you can speak with a slight breath, which any man will perceive as a sign of a woman’s sexual interest in him. A harsh, high-pitched, or shrill, hysterical manner of speech is more likely to repel than attract, so watch your voice: don’t scream, don’t switch to ultrasound, and don’t speak very loudly.

In order to seduce and seduce a man, you should use the advice of specialists:

  • speak in a whisper or half whisper;
  • highlight especially significant words with a short pause, which will draw the attention of a man to important and “necessary” information;
  • talk enthusiastically, show interest in what your man is talking about;
  • be calm and relaxed – this will help you speak confidently and naturally.

Use your voice as a powerful weapon that will help you prove your point of view, convince and persuade the interlocutor to your side and, of course, win the man you love! Good luck!

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