How to Moisturize Your Skin

Moisture gives our skin firmness and elasticity, gives a young and fresh look. And the loss of skin moisture occurs under the negative influence of external factors, such as the sun, wind, in the cold season, when using diuretics, as well as in working conditions in air-conditioned rooms.

It is important to understand that dehydration is not just a problem with dry skin. Every skin type needs hydration. That is why moisturizing cosmetics are developed taking into account the characteristics of each type.

So, for daily moisturizing, you can use emulsions, gels, creams, tonics and lotions, which are available in abundance on store shelves. Such products contain a fatty base and substances that prevent dehydration of our skin.

In addition to purchased cosmetic preparations, effective natural remedies can be used to moisturize the skin. It can be ice cubes from herbal infusions or mineral water. It is enough to wipe the face with them a couple of times a day, thereby refreshing skin . In addition, you can prevent excessive loss of skin moisture by drinking about two liters of pure water daily.

For supporters of exclusively natural cosmetics, it can be advised to make them at home. So, a moisturizer for sensitive and dry skin can be made by taking half a glass of avocado oil and almond oil (you can use one type of oil if desired, but then add a full glass). Add half a glass of beeswax to the oil and put on low heat. After the wax has completely melted, the mixture must be beaten until completely cooled. Then add 4 capsules of vitamin E6 drops of sandalwood, lavender or rose essential oil. The resulting cream must be poured into a sterile container and stored in a cool place.

A moisturizer for normal skin is somewhat easier to prepare. You need to take 200 milliliters of water and half a glass of freshly picked rose petals. Water with petals should be heated almost to a boil, but not allowed to boil. After cooling, filter and add glycerin, as well as aloe juice. Store the resulting cream in the refrigerator.

To make a moisturizer for oily skin, you need to take one and a half teaspoons of honey, the juice of half a lemon and 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt. In the resulting mixture, add the beaten egg white and mix gently. The resulting mask is applied to the face. After 15 minutes, it is washed off with warm water.

In conclusion, I would like to say that when choosing a particular moisturizer, pay attention not only to the type of skin, but also to age, since each age needs an individual approach and, accordingly, its own cosmetics.

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