How to paint eyes

Eyes – this is the effective weapon that is available to all women, regardless of the color of the eyes, their shape and cut, which nature has awarded us. Makeup is our faithful assistant in emphasizing the eyes, making them charming and attractive, correcting imperfections, but one wrong touch and you can ruin the whole makeup.

The main thing in any make-up is the choice of accent either on the lips or on the eyes. Even if you choose the first option, this does not mean that you need to give up makeup altogether. Neutral shadows in light shades, as close to natural skin color as possible, and mascara.

So, the very first step in applying any makeup is preparing for it.

First, never start with the eyes, always the first step is to even out skin tone and texture. Cleanse the eye area, it is necessary to carefully wash off the previous makeup, if you have not done this before, the remnants of mascara, which can create the effect of lumps, are especially thoroughly washed off. On the eyelids and around them, apply a special cream for this purpose, preferably a moisturizer.

To prevent “rolling” of shadows and carelessness of lines, you can apply a thin layer of powder, apply a reflective concealer under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye, this will make the look shining.

Now let’s move on to makeup. A queue of shadows, they should be appropriate in many ways. It is necessary to take into account whether this is a day or evening option, in the first case they should be much lighter and more natural, in the second you can afford bright experiments. If you wear glasses, you should be aware that some lenses and frames can make your makeup look paler.

The next factor is the harmony between the eye shadow and the clothes that you have prepared for going out. They do not have to match, the beige-coffee and gray-black palette are considered classic and fit any style.

And the last thing about the color of the shadows is the color of your eyes. Experiment with colors, again a coincidence is undesirable, if, for example, you have green eyes, then they will be especially emphasized by hazelnut chocolate, gray and black shades. It is desirable when you apply shadows of several shades that harmonize, necessarily, with each other, then you apply the lighter ones on the inner corner of the eye, and highlight the outer corner with the darker ones, creating the effect of a light haze. It is important to shade the borders between them well with special applicators and brushes.

To brighten the shadows, the brushes can be slightly wetted. To make your eyes expressive, you can use eyeliner and a pencil. But you need to be very careful if you draw your eyes along the lower and upper edges, the eyes become visually smaller. Yes, even lines do not come out right away, makeup artists advise putting small dots not far from each other near the lash line, and then connecting them.

And finally, the turn of the carcass. It should be of high quality, because the whole eye makeup depends on the type of eyelashes. Apply it gently, evenly painting over the eyelashes from root to tip, first apply one layer, let it dry, and then the second.

It is very important that cosmetics do not go out of date, open mascara, for example, can be stored for up to 3 months, and if you do not get rid of it in time, it can cause allergies. Remember that the main thing in makeup is slowness, accuracy and moderation.

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