How to paint lips this summer: 5 fashion tips for 2020

Fashion trends change every year. They concern not only clothes and shoes, but also make-up. In 2020, there were no special cardinal changes, but there are a lot of new products. Therefore, every fashionista will be able to change the image and be stylish by learning 5 tips on how to paint lips in the summer.


5 tips for 2020

Lips are an adornment of a woman’s face. They are no less important part of the image than the eyes. In the summer of 2020, the most stylish colors for decorating the mouth are burgundy, scarlet and plum. Matte, glossy or shiny shades remain trendy. The shading technique or the geisha technique is popular: cosmetics are applied in the center, and then shaded at the ends.

Red lipstick

However, when choosing a color and method of applying the product, one must take into account the fact how the selected gamma will look on a particular type of skin and how it will fit the hair color. Therefore, the first advice is to choose a shade according to the shade of the hair or the tone of the face.

In accordance with the summer trends, girls with fair skin and blond hair should use coral, berry, soft peach and mauve lipstick. Girls with fair skin and red hair should use warm terracotta shades. Representatives of dark hair, as well as swarthy skin, it is better to opt for saturated shades.

Bright lipstick

Bright accent

The second recommendation is to focus on the lips. A solid foundation looks beautiful, but in the summer of 2020, many makeup artists recommend experimenting. They advise using the gradient technique in applying makeup, visually increasing the volume. So, they recommend lightening the shade from the contour to the middle. To do this, you need to use several combined shades.

lipstick color


The third tip is to paint the lips using a dark pencil to match the tone of the base for an ombre effect. Relevant options are both lightening the tone to the center and darkening to the ends. Thanks to the ombre effect, the lips will look more voluminous. They will make the image more mysterious and sophisticated. Perfect for an evening look.


Contourless technology

The fourth fashion tip for this summer is to use a contourless lipstick technique when creating contrasting eye makeup. A number of makeup artists recommend focusing on one thing when it comes to daytime or calm makeup. If you want to draw attention to eye makeup, then the baby lips technique will be an ideal solution. All it takes is to create an ombre effect by applying concealer, a pale pink shade of lipstick and using a blending brush.

how to paint lips


The fifth recommendation is to focus on the mouth, using matte lipstick and glitter. According to one of the main makeup artists of the country, Goar Avetisyan, makeup with such a trendy effect will be able to successfully attract attention. It can be combined with bright eye makeup.

glitter lipstick

As a result, you can paint your lips in the summer of 2020 in different ways. You can experiment with color and technique. The main thing is to skillfully combine colors with skin type and hair color.

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