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How to paint your nails this summer: 5 trends for 2020

In the fashion trends of the nail industry, there is a commitment to classic designs. But in the summer, the use of rich colors and bold ideas is allowed. The patterns on the nails of fashionistas have become more concise: complex floral decor has been replaced by gradients, large decor and geometric shapes. To stay stylish this season, it is enough to use the leading trends of 2020 in manicure.

Summer manicure

Classic never goes out of style

Stylists urge not to give up rich red, burgundy and white colors. They belong to the basic shades, so they go well with the summer palette. Monochromatic manicure remains fashionable and allows you to maximize the depth of the main color. It is allowed to softly highlight one nail with glitter or decorate the plate with small sparkles. A single color design looks best on long almond-shaped or square-shaped nails. Fans of rich colors in hot summer should give preference to turquoise, coral, yellow and purple colors.

Red manicure

A rainbow that sets the mood

This design was at the peak of popularity a few years ago and has become a trend again in 2020. It is distinguished by self-sufficiency and courage, therefore it does not need additional decor. This summer, the masters offer several different variations of the rainbow:

  • thin vertical lines of bright colors;
  • french manicure in rich colors;
  • smooth transitions of several tones;
  • a combination of close shades;
  • changing colors of the rainbow.

The rainbow can be performed not on all nails, but on one, becoming the main focus. It goes well with geometric shapes. The design suits confident young girls and is considered one of the best options for summer.

rainbow nails

A foam party

Bubble manicure is in the TOP of new products. It is made using foam from soap or shampoo. To create a trendy design, nails are varnished, sent to dry, covered with foam. After the soap bubbles harden, they are covered with a top coat and dried again in a lamp. The foam looks aesthetically pleasing on a matte or glossy base, it may not cover the entire nail, but only part of it. When choosing a design, it is necessary to use gel polishes – they are richer in color and do not darken the unique structure.

Foam manicure

soft gradient

Beautiful overflows and smooth transitions create a unique nail design. Ombre technique in nude shades is popular. Pastel colors are more suitable for creating a design: they look elegant and gentle. Noble shades look beautiful on both long and short nails. In summer, neon colors can be applied by combining them with each other. The easiest way to use the gradient technique is to use small sponges or varnishes with a thermal effect.


Precise geometry

The design is versatile, combined with voluminous decor or performed in a minimalist style. When creating a drawing, it is important to observe the straightness of the lines and the severity of geometric shapes. The drawing is easily combined with other techniques:

  • french;
  • color block;
  • matte finish;
  • negative space.

The drawing has a large number of varieties: cell, squares, triangles, abstraction. Thin lines can be combined with thin silhouettes, complemented with rhinestones, gradients and other decor.

geometric pattern

Stones, rubbing, foil and water stickers do not give up their leading positions. Tropical designs with palm leaves and fruits, animal prints and sea waves are all the rage. Even if the design is done on your own, ready-made drawings will help you make a trendy manicure effortlessly. The classic jacket is now transformed into a bright mix of shades: white tips are dyed in rich contrasting colors. Among such a variety of fashionistas are sure to find a suitable design.

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