How to profitably put together an image for an event during the sales period

Summer is the period of weddings, holidays, evening walks. At these moments, you want to look enchanting, and there is a need for a chic outfit in which you will look your best and receive many compliments.

And now you are already running to the store for that very dress or suit and you find yourself in the summer sales period, and at first it seems that this is super, you can buy a real thing at a lower cost, which is really high-quality, stylish and suitable for you. But in reality, everything is not so rosy. In fact, you find yourself in shops filled with people (everyone loves sales), things do not hang in front, but in a pile of other things, if you find a dress you like that is not your size, then most likely it will not be nearby, but at the other end of the hall it’s quite may be. And the most unpleasant thing is spoiled things – in spools, hooks, broken zippers, torn buttons and decor. And it turns out that choosing the perfect outfit turns into “finding at least something” in your size and in good condition.

I offer you a few rules on how to save nerves and strength when choosing the very outfit:

  • The size: the most popular sizes sell out first, so if you are the owner of the legs 37-39, and the clothing size is sl, then you should not count on the final sale, it is better to think in advance and buy the item you like at the first discounts. But the owners of rare foot sizes – 35-36 and 40-42 and xs, xl clothes can find worthy things in the final part of sales.
  • Online shopping: during a normal period, you can easily go to the store, find the item you like, and if the size is not available, or the exhibition sample is damaged, then the same item can be ordered in the online version of this store (you can also get additional discounts, for example, for subscribing to mailing list or for online payment). During the sales period, this is much more difficult, the presence of offline and online is very different, and most likely, what is offline is not online and vice versa. Therefore, you should not count on this method, you can look at the assortment online in advance and order several things to choose from, and hand over what doesn’t fit. But remember that delivery during the sales period increases in time and be sure to read the return methods first, so that later you do not go to the Russian post office and send a return at your own expense.

  • Availability in stores: Large brands usually have several stores around the city and if one does not have a suitable size, then you can ask the manager to find out about the availability of this product in another brand store, unfortunately, in most stores this function does not work during the sales period. Since the database is quickly updated, the system does not correctly display data on availability. Therefore, you should not count on the fact that in another store of the network there will be a thing you like.
  • Know what you’re after: I advise you to walk around the store before sales, try on the assortment and choose “the same outfit”, so that you already know exactly what you need and quickly buy your item before someone else takes it.

  • Showrooms: During the sales period, I advise you to pay attention to showrooms, during this period they are most suitable for buying an image for an event. In showrooms, they monitor the condition of things much better and, if a thing has an obvious defect, it will hang in a marriage, and not on a common stand. Usually, in showrooms, the cost of things is slightly higher than in mass-market stores, so during the sales period, the cost of goods becomes close to the usual mass-market prices. It is also much less likely that you will buy the same dresses with your girlfriend. Of course, there are also disadvantages, this is an assortment that is several times smaller than in the mass market and most likely your shopping will not end with a trip to one showroom. I advise you to find several showrooms in your city at once and make a plan to visit them all.

I wish you happy shopping and find that very outfit for your special occasion!

Practicing stylist: Alena Potemkina

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