How to properly care for your nails: tips from

Unfortunately, not every woman manages to have beautiful, healthy and strong nails. Very often, their condition leaves much to be desired, this is due to many factors.

Today, you can solve the problem of weak nails – building. However, such a popular procedure only masks the true state of natural nails, and also spoils them even more. As a result of building up, natural nails can even change their shape, begin to exfoliate and deteriorate sharply.

Reasons for not healthy nails

Any woman dreams of long and healthy nails, but for what reasons can they deteriorate and break? Causes:

1. Internal causes:

  • lack of vitamins and minerals in the body;
  • diseases;
  • stress.

2. External causes:

  • the effects of nail extensions and the use of various chemical coatings;
  • nail injury;
  • temperature changes.

Those who are faced with the problem of not healthy nails will have to be patient, because you can improve their condition on your own, most importantly, follow some very important recommendations.

How to become the owner of healthy and strong nails?

  1. In order for them to please with their impeccable condition, be strong and no longer exfoliate, you should think about the right diet, especially pay attention to taking vitamins A, D and calcium. Eat more dairy products (cottage cheese, milk, kefir), greens, and fish.
  2. Rejection of bad habits.
  3. Warm oil baths. Such special baths are very useful for nails, they strengthen and moisturize. Use vegetable or olive oil.
  4. Therapeutic varnishes, oils and other procedures. In pharmacies, you can buy special protective varnishes and oils with a healing effect.
  5. Lemon peel will give a healthy shine to the nails. To do this, rub them with lemon peel and leave them for a few minutes.
  6. Salt and water also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the nails. You need to rub them with salt water and keep them for 15 minutes, it is better to do such a simple procedure every day.
  7. Very effective beeswax thimbles. Thimbles with wax are recommended to keep all night.
  8. Avoid hangnails and fungal infections.
  9. Use gloves when working with chemicals.

Working with chemicals and improper nail care adversely affects their condition, so none of the above tips will be as effective if you do not protect your nails from chemicals and forget about proper systematic care for them. Remember that even healthy strong nails need constant care.

Thanks to such simple tips from, you can forget about brittle, weak and thin nails for a long time.

Strong nails are a guarantee of an attractive, refined and well-groomed manicure, which will be the pride of any woman.

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