How to properly epilate with an epilator

Epilation with an epilator is one of the ways to deal with unwanted body hair. Manufacturers promise us several weeks of smooth and silky skin without a single hair, but many girls are afraid to use this device. Particularly terrifying is the epilation of the armpits and other delicate areas of the skin. Today we will try to dispel fears and understand in detail the nuances and subtleties of using the epilator.

Leg epilation
The optimal hair length of half a millimeter helps the epilator to grab the hair easily and securely.

The main reasons for the fear of the epilator

The main cause of fear is the pain of the procedure. In addition to pain, women complain of ingrown hairs and irritation, which often occur after using the epilator. That is why many women who decide to use this method of hair removal for the first time are afraid to try, having heard enough “horror stories” from those who received negative impressions from the procedure. Let’s look at each of the causes of fear in detail and figure out what to be afraid of and what not.

Pain during epilation

Each person has their own pain threshold, which determines their susceptibility to pain. If it is low, and the hair is thick and hard, then hair removal with an epilator can be a real test that not everyone can withstand. How to reduce pain during the procedure? Often, a special massage glove comes with the epilator, the device itself can be equipped with a massage nozzle. This is done to reduce pain. You can apply lidocaine in the form of a spray to the treated area, which will relieve pain. However, he will not get rid of it completely, because the skin cannot absorb it dry.

It is especially painful to remove long hairs. Epilation of the underarms and bikini area is also painful, since the skin in these areas is especially tender and sensitive. The optimal length of hairs to be removed with an epilator is 0.5 cm. There is a generally accepted opinion that a woman is most sensitive to pain a few days before her period, so it is better to schedule the procedure at the end of the cycle. It is also believed that in the morning the pain is perceived more strongly than in the evening.

In any case, whether to carry out this method of hair removal is up to you. If in doubt, try to pull out the hair on the area you plan to test with tweezers. Just keep in mind that there are more tweezers in the epilator, about 20, and they all work at the same time, that is, the pain will be 20 times stronger.

Irritation after epilation

Hair removal results
Irritation after epilation is caused by the fact that the hair follicles are attached to the fatty ducts, and those to the nerve endings. Shaving or pulling out the hair causes irritation, and the oil secreted by the skin stimulates inflammation.

This factor is also a common reason for not using an epilator. It occurs differently for everyone – for some it is more, for some it is less, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. This happens because the tweezers not only pull out the hair, but also injure the skin around it. In order to reduce irritation, cosmetologists recommend steaming the skin before the procedure and lubricating it with an antiseptic before and after it. Some help cosmetic oils, such as almond, lavender or tea tree.

Ingrown hair problem

Epilation of the armpits, bikini area and legs often results in the problem of ingrown hairs, which is one of the main consequences of using an epilator. It is not uncommon for girls to grow hair so much that they have to turn to doctors for help. In addition, they leave spots and scars that disappear for a very long time. After such stories, I want to throw the epilator away and return to the good old machine. However, it is not much gentler on the skin, and ingrown hairs also periodically appear after the procedure.

In order for the hair to grow as little as possible, the skin must be carefully prepared. In addition to antiseptic and steaming before the procedure, you need to regularly use a scrub. Don’t forget to apply it just before and after hair removal. Cosmetic stores sell special products that prevent ingrown hairs: you can try using one of them.

If an ingrown hair does appear, then it is best to remove it from a beautician. When there is no opportunity to contact the salon, then delete it yourself. The main rule – in no case do not press the hair like a pimple. Before pulling out the hair with tweezers or a needle, be sure to steam the skin, and disinfect the tool with alcohol. Try to injure the skin as little as possible. Sometimes the hairs reach a very long length – up to 2 cm. In this case, the irritation on the skin surface will be very strong.

How to use an epilator?

Now that we know how to prepare the skin for the procedure in order to reduce the risk of unpleasant consequences, we can proceed directly to hair removal. For the first time, we recommend trying the device in those areas where the hair is the thinnest and softest, but you should not immediately use the epilator in the bikini area, it is better to leave this procedure for later, when you feel more confident. Stretch the skin a little while epilating, move the device slowly in the direction of hair growth.

Thick hair must be removed at a slow speed, otherwise they will not pull out with the root, but break off.

If at one time it was not possible to remove all the hair, then you do not need to immediately go through it again, take a short break. At the end of the procedure, do not forget to apply an antiseptic or cosmetic oil.

Armpit and bikini area epilation is a procedure for brave girls. It must be done very carefully and gently, the main thing is not to rush. If you endure the first procedure, then in the future you will be able to use the epilator, because each time the pain will be less and less. Remember that the epilator is not designed to remove hair from the hands and face, for these parts of the body you will have to choose a different method.

Tune in to a successful outcome, carefully prepare and proceed with the procedure. Most likely, soon the epilator will cease to terrify you and will turn from an instrument of torture into a true friend and assistant who will give you smooth and beautiful skin.

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