How to put together a capsule wardrobe for fall

The capsule wardrobe system helps to solve several problems at once: save money, space in the closet and time spent on creating an image. Its main principle is that the existing items of clothing should be combined with each other. To create a capsule wardrobe, you will need a few basic things that will be combined and complemented by accessories. Thanks to this approach, one basic thing can become part of many images. In autumn, it is even easier to assemble such a wardrobe – at this time of the year, a natural muted range is relevant.

Components of a capsule wardrobe

A set of clothes may vary depending on the nature and needs of a person. Before compiling a wardrobe, you should decide for what situations the capsules are going. Minimum: a look for everyday outings, a look for work or formal meetings, and a look for evening events.

To create a complete set, 7-12 basic things are enough. It is allowed to have 2-3 unusual items of clothing that do not fit into the rest of the wardrobe. From this number of things you get 20-30 images. The standard fall capsule wardrobe includes:

  • white or black unprinted T-shirt;
  • white classic blouse or shirt;
  • jumper or sweater;
  • blazer or jacket;
  • pencil skirt;
  • blue jeans;
  • black pants;
  • black sheath dress.

You can also add a set of things with a cardigan, striped pullover, turtleneck, bell skirt.

Accessories play the main role in the system. One set of basic things can look different if you complement it with the right accents. The autumn list looks like this:

  • bags and clutches;
  • scarves and scarves;
  • belts;
  • clock;
  • bijouterie;
  • glasses;
  • shoes;
  • hats.

In order to diversify the images, two or three pairs of shoes, a pair of bags and a scarf are enough. Shoes should include one pair of classic beige or black pumps and one pair of flat shoes: ballet flats, moccasins, loafers. When choosing street shoes, stop at the classics. Ankle boots or low shoes are combined with both dresses and jeans.

How to choose things for the autumn capsule wardrobe?

The main task is to choose items of clothing so that they are combined with each other. Compatibility should be manifested both in style and in colors. The most successful solution would be to use the classic colors: white, black, blue, gray, beige. When choosing accessories, give preference to bright colors – they will help to beat even the most strict image. It is only important to observe a single style.

In autumn, it would be appropriate to use a natural range: brown, chocolate, wine, emerald, mustard. Color schemes for designers will help you create the right palette of colors that go well with each other.

Autumn looks are characterized by layering – a basic set of classic tops and bottoms can be beaten with a jacket or cardigan. To make the capsule look original, stick to one style, but combine different fabric textures in clothes. For example, a cashmere pullover and jeans, or a leather skirt and a wool top.

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