How to quickly dry your hair without a hair dryer and without harm

Bad ecology, high pace of life, which entail stress and a catastrophic lack of time – how familiar it is to a modern woman! But you want to look beautiful, fashionable and neat. Clothes, makeup, hair and manicure – everything must be perfect. But!

Today you don’t have to sacrifice anything to be beautiful. On the contrary, you should pamper yourself. To be honest, there is so much work and worries around that if you don’t force yourself to rest, you will never relax. But in fact – two hours a day to spend on yourself is very possible.

“Aristocratic pallor”, “Carlson” bangs, dystrophic thinness have long been out of fashion, like silicone and a thick layer of makeup. And even more so, overdried, thinned, split ends are not in favor.

Therefore, we can safely say: “Farewell, buzz-hair dryer!”

Experts note that it is extremely rare to resort to a hair dryer, for particularly complex styling or in a situation where you need to literally leave – after 15 minutes.

Getting up early to wash and style your hair – what nonsense! Any trichologist will tell you that a healthy scalp keeps hair clean for 5-7 days. Any stylist will confirm that a properly done haircut remains beautiful for several weeks. For an everyday look, just brush your hair! Foam, hair dryer, varnish – all this is needed for an evening look, going out into the “big light” – in a word, in exceptional cases.

Therefore – goodbye hair dryer, a thunderstorm of small children and cats! You can wash your hair on Sunday evening and let it dry without a hair dryer. At the same time, do something pleasant or easy: read aloud to your child, water the flowers, knit a sweater for your husband (unless, of course, your nails are painted), watch an interesting movie. And on Monday, this hard day, let yourself soak in the crib a little longer. Well, or wake up your beloved man with a soft hint.

Drying without hair dryer Yes, easy and safe

Of course, it is safe – if you do not dry your hair over a stove or oven, in front of a fan, under an iron or with a vacuum cleaner. If in the latter case only hair can suffer, then in the rest, health can also be affected. The iron will most likely melt the hair, it may even catch fire. The hot edges of the hob can burn if accidentally touched. The gas can “suffocate”, the fan can catch a cold, the vacuum cleaner can pollute the hair, besides, hot blowing is the same hair dryer, and therefore is harmful to curls.

No less harmful to the hair are direct UV rays. They literally “burn” the hair. Water refracts light like a magnifying glass and burns a dangerous pattern into every strand. Therefore, do not dry your hair under the sun. Even after leaving a river or an open-air pool, it is better to put on a panama hat and / or go into the shade.

If the street is warm, but cloudy, while there is no wind, and the humidity is not high, then after washing your hair, you can calmly go about your business, especially if your hair is short.

However, most often the hair is dried at home, because ideal weather conditions are rare, especially in Russia, where nine or even eleven months are cold, often with rain and wind.

Specific tips on how to dry your hair without a hair dryer

The main friend in this process is time and air, the more of them, the easier. But more specifically:

  1. After washing your hair, wring out your hair (just don’t twist it – spare your curls!), Until the water stops draining from them. If the hair is long – first wring out the entire shock of hair, then – individual strands. If short, pass the strands between your fingers, as if combing your hair with your hands.
  2. Wrap your hair in a warm towel and let it soak up as much moisture as possible. Then replace it with a dry towel. If your hair is long, it may take up to three towels before your curls are damp instead of wet. For short hair, one or two towels are most likely enough.
  3. You can walk in a towel while doing your own business, but you can also speed up the process. The main thing is not to rub! Because it will damage the structure of the hair, their shine will disappear. You need to wet your hair along the entire length. If the hair is long, you can tip it down, leaning forward, or you can turn it on its side, in the opposite direction from the one on which you usually style your hair (this will add extra volume to the hairstyle). If the hair is short, move your hands up, as if raising your hair. If your hair is curly or wavy. Move your hands in the direction opposite to the one in which the curls curl. So you can straighten them a little without resorting to “ironing”.
  4. Comb your hair. If the hair is long – comb it with your fingers, and comb it every 15 minutes until it looks dry and feels slightly damp to the touch. Only then can you take a comb, preferably a wooden one. If the hair is short, you can quickly dry it by intensively combing for about 15 minutes. The comb should be wooden, in extreme cases – plastic with thick teeth. When your hair looks dry, start styling: comb your hair as if you were rolling it into a tube, while styling the curls the way you want them to lie when dry.


  1. A warm towel absorbs better, and in addition, it creates a comfortable temperature for the hair and head, and also protects against hypothermia and colds. Towels can be heated by hanging them on the battery in advance or by ironing them.
  2. Experts note that waffle towels absorb best. But if you prefer terry, choose fluffy (the length of the villi is 5 mm), combed to one side and matte (shine indicates synthetic fibers that reduce the absorbency of the towel).
  3. So that the “turban” from the towel does not unwind, the tip of the “bag” can be tucked under the edge of the towel at the back of the head or at the temple, and for greater reliability, fasten with a clothespin (the main thing is not to grab the hair, otherwise it can be painful, and such pressure is harmful to the structure hair).
  4. Hair dries faster if you comb it from time to time – because this way more air enters it. Therefore, the “propeller” will provide the max effect: twist the hair, as rock musicians do. Such a method, of course, can only be afforded by a lady with a trained neck.
  5. So that long hair does not dry out “sleek” – from time to time you need to lift it with your fingers at the roots and shake it slightly. In this case, you can tilt your head to one side or the other. By the way, it also speeds up drying.
  6. When long hair begins to dry out, it is better to comb it periodically – not only so that it dries faster, but also so that it lies more evenly. Otherwise, you can get an unexpected “bell”: the roots have no volume, the hair is fluffy at the ends.
  7. Some conditioners and care products speed up drying of hair, such as Paul Mitchell Serum.
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