How to quickly lose weight and tone your body after childbirth with 4 simple exercises

Let’s start with the fact that the main problem areas in a woman giving birth are the stomach and chest. In most cases, the hips and buttocks are more lucky, but still we also want to tighten them up, put them in order.

Therefore, the main exercise that you can perform as early as a month after giving birth is the notorious rocking of the press. Here it is necessary to clarify that it should not be monotonous and, moreover, should not be tedious.

Before you start, apply some fat-burning cream to your stomach area, since there are a lot of them in stores now.

You can achieve the best effect by slowly, in two counts, rising up and dropping down to the starting position in the same way.

Rock the press “not completely”, not completely leaning forward, but as if half. At the same time, alternate straight forward ascents with tilts to the left and right when lifting. So, five minutes a day – and you will forget about the sagging bag that was in your stomach.

Now about the chest – the chest is a very delicate substance, be careful with it. It is very good if during pregnancy you used a cream to maintain the tone and elasticity of the breast skin.

In any case, even after childbirth, the breast is quite amenable to correction. Also, for an optimal result, we apply a cream, put on good, dense, but not squeezing underwear, and start. We connect our palms at chest level so that one palm presses on the other. The palms are perpendicular to the floor. We do ten to fifteen visits for five to ten seconds. It is possible and desirable to repeat several times a day, in a free minute.

If you are breastfeeding, this will not stop you from doing this simple exercise – the main thing is to make sure that the underwear holds your breasts well.

Buttocks can be trained in general without leaving the stove – in the very truest sense of the word. To do this, you just need to stand still, focus on this part of the body and start squeezing the gluteal muscles, bringing them together and immediately spreading them. At first, it is recommended to do the exercise slowly in order to learn how to perform it correctly, to feel your body. Then you yourself go to do the exercise faster – after a while the muscles will begin to “spring” as it were. It is worth trying this at least for the sake of feeling the tone of the muscles of the buttocks, which will come to you after the first lesson.

The last, fourth, exercise is a little more complicated than the previous ones, besides, it requires a little bit of organization of a place for classes. Lie down on the mat on your side, one arm bent at the elbow – the one on which you lean. The second hand on the leg. One leg is on the floor, and the other, opposite the side on which you lie, is bent at the knee and brought in front of the lying leg. We tear off the leg from the floor, lower it back. So several times. The lower your leg will come off the floor and the slower you perform this exercise, the more effective it will be for you.

So, it’s worth finding ten to fifteen minutes a day for yourself, so that in a month you can look in the mirror at yourself prettier, renewed, fit.

And the most important rule in the end – do not mix these exercises with eating sweets, it is better to eat vegetables with meat and drink green tea and juices. Your figure will indicate obvious results for you.

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