How to quickly sit on the twine

Dear girls, beloved, adored and the most beautiful! So many of you would like to move gracefully and unconditionally control your body. Perform various gymnastic studies and be proud of yourself. Many have been practicing for years, many have succeeded since birth. For those and others, we offer an article on the topic: how to quickly sit on the twine. We offer a set of effective exercises for EVERYDAY workouts.

First of all, you must tune in to a long and hard work on yourself. Yes, the muscles will hurt the first week – THIS IS NORMAL. Nobody dies from this. As the saying goes: “Beauty requires sacrifice” and skills, in general, too. If you don’t try to achieve something, you will never achieve it. Simple: “I want” is catastrophically small. You need crazy work on yourself, your body and spirit. So, the first requirement is daily workouts.

The second golden rule is the warm-up rule. Before each stretch, you must warm up the muscles if you do not want to tear them or stretch them to hellish pain for a month or two. At the beginning of each session, do 10-20 squats and do a short jog (15 minutes) so that the leg muscles are completely warmed up. If you are the laziest creature of this planet, then you can lie in a warm, even hot bath for twenty to thirty minutes, and then go and sweat in training. Of course, this option is not very welcome. But what to do if you are lazy.

Third rule. Never, you hear, never eat up not an hour before a workout, not the next forty minutes after it. You will be worse off if you eat.

Further, the complex of our effective exercises begins, the implementation of which (double two) is strictly obligatory every single day.

  1. Sit on the floor. Bend your legs and bring your feet together. Try to pull your knees to the floor as much as possible, do not tear your feet apart. Try your best. Initially, this exercise may seem delusional, because: “Well, nothing works.” But with special diligence, everything will come out in just a week. IMPORTANT: do not overdo it. Know the measure, so that you do not have to regret the former legs. (Of course this is a joke, but really, know the measure)
  2. Lie down completely on the floor (back, legs all in a horizontal position on the floor). Raise one leg and, clasping your hands, pull it (absolutely straight, not bent at the knee!) To your stomach, to your face, in general, towards yourself. You can ask someone to do it. Do the same with the second leg. IMPORTANT: Do not bend your leg under any circumstances. The effect will then be null. But if you try and do everything right, you will be very happy in a week or two, when you sit on the twine.
  3. Return to a sitting position. Spread your legs as wide as possible (remove as far as possible from each other, but not to the point of pain, this should be easy and easy). And in this position, begin to tilt the body forward. Ideally, your stomach should be on the floor. IMPORTANT: do not forget to pull your socks, for more muscle tension. The better you perform this exercise, the more likely you are to quickly forget about muscle pain after training.
  4. Sit in exactly the same way as in exercise number 3 (spread your legs as wide as possible). And in this position, begin to move towards the wall. The closer, the more it hurts. IMPORTANT: Do not overdo it. You will not lose the argument if you do not do it as well as Alina Kabaeva. Just try to do your best.
  5. And, of course, we are trying to sit on the twine. The body is initially turned in the direction of the leading leg (let’s say the right one). After standing a little or having already sat in this position, we transfer the body forward without changing the position of the legs. After a short period of time, we turn the body to the leg that was driven in the first position (that is, we turn to the left leg). We do the same in the opposite direction, that is, now from the left leg to the right. IMPORTANT: The position of the legs does not change with the turn of the body. If this happens, then there will be no point in the exercise.
  6. Last exercise. Stand near a wall or machine. Lean with one hand. Take the second leg away from the wall. And pull it towards you without turning around. Pull it until you feel pain.

It is worth knowing that when performing all the exercises, it is worth doing 5-6 approaches at the beginning of classes. After a week, it will be possible to reduce to 4-5 trips. Don’t forget to take a break once a week. In order for the muscles to be able to fully develop, this is simply necessary. And please don’t chase results. Work for your pleasure. Follow all the instructions and you’ll be fine.

After a month or even less, with diligence and diligence, you will be able to sit on the twine. But remember, sit down – don’t stop. The body does not have such a good memory and will fail you over time if you do not work on it properly. Training should always be continued, regardless of the fact that you have achieved success. Let friends admire and envy. Good luck in training!

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