How to reduce appetite

To obtain or maintain a slim figure, every woman has to wage an ongoing struggle with the use of different diets, a decrease in appetite. Most often, the result of such a struggle is not very good – the feeling of hunger brings suffering, and this increases the proportion of stress received. The most offensive for a woman will be the return of the kilograms shed as a result of stress, which means a bad mood, the belief that everything in this world is both bad and imperfect.

But it turns out that everything is not so bad – there is no great need to go on diets that you don’t like at all in order for the figure to remain slim. It is necessary to learn how to competently control your diet, appetite and exclude any possibility of overeating. Sometimes this is very difficult to do at the sight of mouth-watering spaghetti with cheese or delicious buns, but even this can be overcome if you know and use all the ways to reduce appetite, which will allow any body to receive a signal that will determine its satiety.

Water use

One of the effective ways to reduce appetite is the use of mineral water, but without the presence of gas, you can juice. Just before each meal, about ten minutes before it, you need to drink a glass of liquid, thereby you can normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Thus, the initial stage of the entire process of digestion is launched, and in the stomach itself its filling, felt by the body, will appear, which will slightly reduce appetite. But after eating, it is not at all recommended to consume a lot of liquid, as this greatly erodes the gastric juice, thereby causing severe harm to the entire body.

Fragrant piece of sugar

The use of essential oils will also help in reducing appetite. You can take them in different ways. A few drops of juniper oil can be put on a piece of sugar or a small slice of bread. Then the essential oil immediately enters the stomach. But you can always have a bottle with such oil or a special aroma pendant with you, inhaling the smell of which is advised during a feeling of hunger.

Aromatherapy is related to the olfactory function of the body. What most often draws to the refrigerator – it can only be the smell of delicious food. Thoughts of a woman will leave the kitchen for a long time when inhaling the invigorating intriguing aroma of natural essential oils.

A piece of dark chocolate – and everything is in order

A pleasant, favorite way to curb your appetite is chocolate. Suffice it to recall all the children who are not given any sweets before lunch or dinner. The result is a great appetite and empty plates. But women are invited to eat candy before dinner, but two pieces of good dark chocolate are best, which can reduce appetite.

From this, the level of caloric content of the internal system of the body will not even be able to suffer. You can not just eat bitter dark chocolate with pleasure, but suck it, as is done with candy, then the proportion of sweet that enters the body increases, which is also associated with a sufficient number of calories. This is immediately used by receptors that are in the oral cavity, and through them it is transmitted directly to the brain, which sends signals to reduce the desire to eat, which will quickly disappear in this case.

Beautiful fruit basket in a conspicuous place

In order to reduce appetite in the most visible place, you can put an original-looking basket in which fruits or vegetables are placed. This helps very well those who live by food as the last joy in life. The thoughts of such people work in the main direction of how to find something tasty and eat it as soon as possible. Fruits and vegetables will help them, as will psychiatrists and psychologists. But it will be better if, in the event of an extraordinary outbreak of hunger, any fruit or vegetable will be able to properly satisfy it, thereby not interfering with weight loss.

Empty stomach before bed – a problem or not

There is a certain problem for many women, and even men – if they feel the state of an empty stomach, there is a physical and psychological discomfort, as a result of which they cannot fall asleep peacefully or feel sleepy in the morning. But after any person falls asleep, during the first hour of his sleep, his body undergoes processes for the active production of certain amino acids that are involved in the growth hormone synthesis reaction. It is he who acts on the fat cells of the body, forcing them to work so that at night they give all their energy to the sleeping body.

Milk is very rich in these amino acids. A glass of milk before bed will not only relieve you of a growing feeling of hunger, but will also enhance the process of splitting excess fat cells, allowing the body to be filled with the right amount of strength and energy.

Beauty salad, maybe ginger tea

Reduces appetite tea with ginger, which is drunk before meals, and prepared in advance, rubbing ginger and pouring the resulting slurry in the amount of one teaspoon with boiling water no more than two glasses. Cooked ginger tea with a spoonful of fragrant honey will help speed up the metabolic process, reduce appetite, in addition, it will lead to increased sexual activity.

It will take a woman very little time to prepare a special salad that can be eaten in the morning, which will reduce her appetite for the whole day. For only ten minutes, a mixture of oatmeal, half an orange, grated apple, a tablespoon of honey and walnuts, which are thoroughly crushed with one glass of yogurt, is infused, it is better if it is not very fatty.

After such a tasty and healthy breakfast for lunch, you can get by with a cup of low-fat soup, which will be able to saturate the stomach well.

Weight will always be under control if you adhere to a balanced and healthy diet, normal sleep, sufficient physical activity and try to minimize all stress. The older a woman becomes, the slower the metabolic process goes, which is why it is recommended to eat less and move more.

Be healthy!

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