How to reduce breasts without surgery

Undoubtedly, the breast is considered one of the most beautiful and desirable parts of a woman’s body. And no matter how much it is said about the inimitability and beauty of the eyes, the chest has never been left in the absence of male attention. What should be the perfect chest?

According to generally accepted standards, it is large breasts that give their owner sex appeal and femininity. Many ladies with small breasts resort to plastic surgery to increase their size. There are also representatives of the weaker sex who suggest at least one size to increase their breasts with the help of folk recipes. How do those whom nature endowed with a considerable bust feel? Are you delighted with your own uniqueness? Perhaps, on the contrary, they would like to reduce their volumes in the chest area?

Given the above, we will give some practical tips on how to reduce breast size yourself. Note that we will talk about methods that do not require surgical intervention, because any corrective operation to change the appearance can, in addition to benefits, bring damage. It is preferable to use safer ways to reduce the size of the bust.

Is it good to be the owner of a gorgeous bust?

The question is moot. Let’s list the main disadvantages. A considerable chest, in fact, gives a noticeable load on the spine, provoking the development of scoliosis, osteochondrosis, causing frequent back pain. A chic bust has a detrimental effect on the state of the cardiovascular system, in particular, it affects the work of the heart, which may result in poor health and the appearance of headaches.

In Europe and the United States, breast reduction surgery is not uncommon. Moreover, the motive is often precisely the desire to unload the spine and thereby improve the condition of the body.

In addition, age-related changes also adversely affect the condition of the breast over time. Childbirth and subsequent feeding worsen the shape of the breast, it sags and acquires stretch marks. With an initially small bust size, it is much easier to return to its former shape after breastfeeding is over. Sagging, the chest often brings a lot of problems and experiences to its owner.

But what about the moral, psychological and aesthetic side of the issue? There are also many nuances, and not always positive ones. It’s no secret that big breasts are the envy of many of the fairer sex and the reason for the admiring glances of men. However, in addition to everything, it also brings a large number of inconveniences. Often, representatives of the weaker sex with large breasts face difficulties in choosing intimate clothing (swimming suits), especially with a noticeable difference in chest volume and breast size. Women often cannot find the right underwear or are forced to wear baggy clothes. In addition, not everyone likes increased attention to their own person and unflattering remarks addressed to them. Therefore, many women seek precisely to reduce the size of the bust, and not to increase it.

Breast Correction Exercises

Firstly, it would not hurt to go on a diet and lose weight in general, since large breasts are a problem mostly for obese women.

Obviously, fitness classes or going to the gym will not reduce the size of the breast, since it itself does not have muscles. However, complex exercises for the pectoral muscles, back and shoulder girdle noticeably strengthen the muscles, raising the tone of the chest and improving its shape. Very useful for maintaining the shape of the chest is swimming, especially the breaststroke. There is another very good way: the usual push-ups from the floor in several approaches.

Only when you do push-ups, then you need to spread your arms wider – then the effect is more noticeable. At least three approaches should be carried out per day, 10-20 exercises each. Dumbbells will also help, and if they are not available, ordinary liter plastic water bottles. It is very easy to work out with dumbbells – just spread your arms in different directions. Thus, excess fat in the chest area will turn into muscle mass, and the chest will look more toned.

Cosmetic procedures to improve the shape of the breast

Special creams with a lifting effect are useful. You can make your own massage oil at home. To do this, you will need jojoba oil (two tablespoons), grape seed oil (1 teaspoon), a few drops of rose oil. All ingredients are mixed and rubbed into the chest area with light massage movements. It is useful to do such a massage every day, alternating with a contrast shower, this helps to increase the elasticity of the breast.

visual breast reduction

This will help to make special shapewear or some tricks when choosing a wardrobe. The bra should be with round cups, underwire and wide, tight sides. Thus, the bust visually rises and approaches the center, and does not spread in different directions. Avoid oversized sweaters, oversized blouses, and double-breasted jackets. Too tight clothes will not suit you either, but do not hide under hoodies either.

Many women are interested in the question: “Is it really possible to reduce breasts at home?” It is quite difficult to do this, be prepared for the fact that there will be no cardinal changes. But to remove 2-3 centimeters from the existing breast volume is within the power of almost every woman.

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