How to reduce buttocks with exercise

Most women face the problem of dissatisfaction with the size of their figure, the size of the buttocks is of particular concern, this problem is especially acute on the eve of the beach season, because everyone wants to show off their perfection.

So, we are faced with the task of reducing the size of the buttocks. It should be noted right away that we should not count on a quick result, we must not only reduce the volume, but also give the buttocks a beautiful shape, so it is best to draw up a plan and schedule of planned activities for yourself.

First of all, of course, we will focus on the physical component of our trainings, but we must not forget about nutrition, if you overeat during the training period, it is unlikely to benefit, in addition, you can’t go on a strict diet, because You will need energy to exercise.

The technique is simple: limit your diet, try to eat less fatty foods, not forgetting about proteins, increase the amount of vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly, but do not force your body, eat food no later than two hours before exercise and no earlier than two hours after exercise. the end, in the evening, that is, after 18-19 hours, it is better not to eat at all, in extreme cases – drink juice, or eat a vegetable or fruit salad.

For everything about everything, we need about two months.

At the first stage, simply take up morning runs, initially for five minutes each morning, gradually adding one minute, reaching a total of about 30 minutes. Do not try to run for time, the run should be even and calm, because our task is not to build muscle, but to burn fat and tone the muscles, while keeping in mind that we are not trying to increase muscle volume, we just want the muscles to replace their places fat deposits.

Initially, it will seem to you that the volume of the buttocks is slightly increasing, this is due to the fact that fats are burned more slowly than muscle mass is adjusted, so this circumstance is normal, everything will get better with time.

After you have achieved the result of 30 minutes of daily jogging, or even better earlier, as the muscles of the legs and buttocks develop, start three to four times a week at any time convenient for you to do about an hour of physical exercises to tone the muscles of the buttocks . Nothing should distract you from these exercises. Use improvised means.

The most effective tool that can quickly reduce the volume of the buttocks, tested on yourself, are squats, start with 10 squats in five sets. It does not take much time. Gradually increase the number of squats by adding external loads, for example, fill a 5-liter plastic bottle with water and squat, holding it in your hands in front of you, this, in addition to the load on the muscles of the buttocks, will give a load on the press, which is also important.

Make a schedule of classes for yourself, you don’t need to study through pain and strength, classes should bring pleasure, in order to avoid monotony, turn on your favorite music. Alternate squats with jumping rope, and gradually increase the number of jumps as well. Your task is an hour of classes.

After a month of fruitful classes, you will feel the result, do not forget the most important thing – moderation in food + physical activity (systematic and gradually increasing according to the load) – this is the key to success!

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