How to reduce cheeks visually and with the help of exercises?

It will not be a mistake to note that every modern woman wants to have a slim figure and a beautiful appearance. Some of them resort to drastic measures to change their appearance, such as plastic surgery, without thinking about the possible consequences, while others, on the contrary, do nothing, attributing everything to lack of time or poor heredity. Meanwhile, there are affordable and simple methods that will help achieve the desired results. Flabby or too thick cheeks are, of course, an unpleasant thing, but quite fixable. The main thing is to make certain efforts, diligence and tune in to achieve the desired result.

The best way to keep your cheeks in a beautiful form is proper nutrition and regular special exercises, massage, face masks. Let’s get acquainted with each of these methods in more detail.

Cheek reduction exercises

The following set of exercises will become your main assistant in the fight against flabby cheeks. But you should remember and adhere to several important points: we conduct classes daily (both to achieve the cherished results and to maintain them), we do the exercises slowly, we repeat those exercises that need to be repeated during the day – we repeat during the day !!!

So, let’s begin. Before starting the exercises, you need to take 5 slow breaths and exhalations.

  1. Inflate your cheeks to the limit and stay in this position for five counts, then immediately exhale quickly. After that, with your mouth wide open, without raising your face, look with your eyes at the ceiling and blink actively for about one minute, without raising your head. Repeat this exercise five times during the day.
  2. Strongly inflate your cheeks and drive air into them from side to side, then gradually release air from them in small pushes. This exercise is considered especially effective.
  3. Exercise “Smile”. Squeezing your lips tightly, we smile, while straining the muscles of the cheeks. We remain in this position for 5-10 s. Repeat at least 10 times. Five sets per day.
  4. Exercises “Fish smile”. You need to pull your cheeks inward and smile in this position. Gradually trying to stay in it more and more – up to 10 seconds.
  5. Exercise “Air artist”. For this exercise, you need to hold a pencil in your teeth and start creating: draw or write words in the air.

And in conclusion, an incredibly effective exercise to get rid of a double chin. With the back of your hand, pat yourself on the chin several times and sharply tilt your head back, linger in this position for several seconds. Repetitions – the more, the better.

Do the exercises every day – and the results will not be long in coming!


The next step in getting rid of sagging and flabby cheeks is a facial massage. It can be a professional facial massage – facebuilding, or maybe an independent massage at home. Self-massage is carried out regularly in the morning and evening after washing while applying the cream on the face and neck.

Such a massage should begin with light tingling of the skin of the face and neck along the massage lines (1 minute). The main techniques of facial massage are “patting with the pads of four fingers” and “stroking” the face and neck area. Let’s start with pats, draw them along the following lines:

  1. from the middle of the chin to the ear;
  2. from the corner of the lips to the temple;
  3. from bottom to top along the nasolabial folds;
  4. from the base of the nose to the edge of the eyebrows.

Further stroking. Stroking is done along the contour of the eyebrows (with the fingertips), along the cheeks from the nose to the temples and down to the chin, along the neck (with the whole hand). First on the left, then on the right. The number of repetitions is 5-8 times on each side. With daily use, such a massage gives noticeable results after three weeks – the face becomes noticeably more toned.


A variety of face masks will help not only tighten the flabby skin of the cheeks, but also significantly improve the condition of the skin of the face and neck. A grated potato mask is very good – the potatoes are rubbed on a fine grater and applied to the face for 20 minutes. It is optimal to use such a mask in the morning – it removes swelling well and gives the skin tone. The remaining masks are best used before bedtime, between 22 and 23 hours (at this time, the skin is most receptive to nourishing care for it).

Before applying the mask, be sure to thoroughly cleanse your face, you can make a steam bath with chamomile infusion, sage or celandine. Twice a week it is recommended to supplement this procedure with a facial massage using a massage mitt.

Here are a few masks, after which your cheeks will say thank you:

  • Mix the egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey and a dessert spoon of olive oil. The mask can be applied with a special brush or cotton pad on the face for twenty minutes. Use twice a week.
  • Egg white has a good tightening effect. Beat the protein well with a fork and apply a thin layer on the face. After about 5-10 minutes, the protein dries up, after which we apply a second layer and so on until the whipped mass is over. Use twice a week.
  • Mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with a tablespoon of infant formula. Then, gradually pouring in slightly warm milk, bring to a homogeneous creamy state. This mask can be done daily, but at least twice a week.

Rinse off the mask first with warm, then cold water. Next, gently blot your face with a towel, then wipe your face with an ice cube (wipe clockwise) and apply cream. Ice can be prepared in advance from infusion of chamomile and calendula.

Visual reduction of the cheeks

In addition to the effect of exercises, massages and masks, for those who actively take care of themselves, as well as those who have large cheeks, a hereditary phenomenon will be helped by various small and not only tricks of visual reduction of the cheeks:

  1. Haircut and hairstyle. The length of the hair should be above the shoulder, but below the ear. A haircut with cascades, curls covering a wide part of the face, bangs to the side, asymmetric hairstyles, incl. oblique parting. Straight bangs and hair combed back should be avoided. Highlighting will look good, it will give a certain contrast to the look.
  2. Brows. If you create a curve and make the eyebrow thicker in the middle than at the edges, then the face will appear longer.
  3. Makeup. First, you need to visually enlarge the eyes. To do this, we apply light shadows to the inner corner of the eyes, and darken the outer corner. Secondly, the cheekbones and the side of the cheeks should be one tone darker than the rest of the face. For lips, a delicate pink shade is suitable. Eyeliner should not extend beyond the eye.
  4. Accessories. Of the accessories, hats with small brim or without them at all, preferably with a high top, dangling earrings, long chains converging in the center (necessarily thin) are suitable.
  5. Cloth. Clothing with longitudinal stripes, with “…

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