How to reduce irritation after shaving your legs

In their desire to be beautiful and well-groomed, women carry out many different procedures. One of which is shaving the legs. In order to achieve smooth and shiny skin on their legs, women shave often and a lot, which sometimes leads to irritation, because women’s skin is very delicate and sensitive.

Shaving hair removes part of the epidermis, thereby causing redness, irritation and itching. And all because it increases blood flow to heal wounds. It is quite difficult to get rid of this, because over and over again, repeating this procedure, the skin is damaged again and again.

In order to avoid redness and itching after shaving, it is recommended to follow the following tips.

Take a hot shower or bath before shaving. Steam and hot water will do their job – soften the hair and open the pores. The skin will be most hydrated and injury will be minimal. Apply a scrub before shaving, it will make your legs smoother.

Try hair removal lotions. They are less traumatic to the follicles compared to a regular razor. Do not refuse them, but first check if they will cause you allergies. To do this, conduct a small test: apply it on the elbow and wait 24 hours, if irritation does not appear boldly, use it for shaving. Otherwise, rinse immediately with water and do not use again.

The shaving agent is distributed in a circular motion in an even layer over the entire surface of the legs. The presence of aloe in these products is desirable, it is especially good for sensitive skin. Wait a couple of minutes for the components of the product to act on the skin and hair.

Rinse the razor blade with hot water and start shaving in the direction of hair growth, namely from top to bottom. The result, of course, will not be as good as if you shave in the opposite direction, but there will be no such strong irritation.

Take your time, shave slowly and carefully, then the result will be long-lasting. The best time to shave is in the morning, when the skin is firmer and more elastic.

Avoid using soap as it dries out the skin and may lead to more irritation.

Lubricate the skin of the legs after shaving with a special lotion, or a regular body moisturizer. This will help relieve redness and itching.

Hydrocortisone cream, which lubricates reddened skin, helps relieve irritation. Hydrocortisone constricts blood vessels and acts as an antiseptic, respectively, reduces blood flow and, as a result, redness. Never use this cream daily.

Means containing cortisone are used when absolutely necessary. Frequent use of cortisone causes the skin to become addictive, and stopping its use only intensifies the irritation.

Bumpy skin can be treated with anti-acne products. They reduce inflammation due to their benzoyl peroxide content. Benzoyl peroxide is also found in many shaving creams. These creams are suitable for daily use.

To minimize irritation during shaving, change razors or blades more often. When blunted, they irritate the skin much more.

Try using an electric razor. There is less risk of irritation and the skin is smoother than with a regular razor.

It is worth consulting a doctor if there are inflamed bumps on the skin and they do not go away within a couple of days, the skin may be infected.

If inflammation reappears, it is recommended to treat them with a doctor, as continued use of the razor will worsen the condition of the skin.

Follow these simple rules, and the skin on your legs will be beautiful and smooth.

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