How to remove a bruise

Bruises often appear in people with thin and sensitive skin. At first they are blue, then they turn greenish. Finally turn yellow and safely disappear. This whole “chameleon” process takes a lot of time. And if the bruise is on some open area of ​​​​the body, for example, on the leg, you can forget about skirts with tights. Usually, such bruises show off in mothers with small children, as they constantly have to perform various manipulations with the stroller. So the poor things have to walk around in pants every day. But there is a way out here too.


The first aid in the event of a bruise is a badyaga. This drug is sold in pharmacies. It looks like a bluish-brown powder. Diluted with water or 10% hydrogen peroxide solution to a mushy state and applied to the bruise. Top with a plastic bag and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then it is removed and washed off from the bruised place with water.

Detailed instructions for the preparation and use of badyagi can be found on its packaging. At the first use, plain water is used for dilution. Since the powder itself has the effect of a slight burning sensation. And for people with sensitive skin, the use of peroxide can be fraught with burns. Four times with a frequency of 12 hours will be enough to almost completely get rid of the bruise.

Balms and gels.

Also, to get rid of a bruise, products containing a substance called heparin can serve. It has antithrombotic and anti-edematous effects, which prevents the formation of blood clots and promotes the resorption of blood that has thickened in the capillaries, which forms the bruise itself. Basically, these funds can be found in the pharmacy department for the treatment of varicose problems. The best among all can be called Lyoton Gel. And this is logical, because it is in it that the necessary active substance is contained in a greater concentration than in any other. At least twice. In addition to everything, it also contains lavender oil, which relaxes the skin and has a high antibacterial effect. It is applied to the bruise area with a thin layer no more than three times a day. You can use it within a week, no more. This time will be enough to completely get rid of the problem.

As an additional option for the treatment of a bruise that has appeared, you can use creams that contain sea buckthorn oil. It has fast healing properties, as it causes the skin to quickly regenerate new cells. A good remedy, among others, is the “Rescuer” balm. In addition to sea buckthorn oil, it also contains beeswax, echinacea extract, lavender oil, milk lipids and microdoses of turpentine, which is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect. A very impressive list of components! All of them have therapeutic and skin care properties. Definitely, the drug justifies its name.


Throughout the entire period of the existence of a bruise, from the very appearance until the last day, you can hide it visually. Using camouflage. But here it is necessary to take into account that any tonal means will not cope with this task. They will only look like strange light spots on the body with darker ones peeking through them. To say the least, a strange sight.

Special corrective cosmetics will come to the rescue, designed to solve some problems of the skin of the face. They usually look like multi-colored concealers. They can be in the form of stickers or in palettes with brushes. The texture is similar to lipstick. The standard set includes yellow, peach, purple and beige tones.

Each of the proofreaders is struggling with a certain lack of skin. So, yellow masks redness, peach – blue, purple and gray spots, purple – yellowness, and beige concealer is universal. Struggles with all of the above disadvantages, but not very carefully. Therefore, it is intended for light and almost imperceptible problem areas.

In the first days after the bruise appears, you can paint over it with a peach shade corrector. In the future, when the problem area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin becomes greenish and yellow, a lilac tone will do. You need to apply the corrector with a brush or a pencil sticker over the entire bruise area and wait about a minute until the product dries a little. Then blend with the pad of the ring finger (since it is anatomically the weakest) or with a cotton swab along the edge of the masked area to blur its border. Powdering on top is not worth it, because this tool is usually chosen a tone lighter than the skin and therefore will be clearly noticeable.

Bathtubs and tubs.

An excellent tool that stimulates the speedy disposal of a bruise is carbonated water. Bubbles do an excellent job of draining the skin, improving the microcirculation of thickened blood. But if you add freshly brewed chamomile or calendula to this bath, the effect will increase significantly. It is enough to use this method twice a day for a week to achieve the most positive result.

An alternative to the above procedure can be a bath of sea salt with extracts of pine needles or the same chamomile. The best in content, these funds are presented in the product line for children. You can find it in the relevant departments of markets and pharmacies. What’s especially attractive about using this method of getting rid of a bruise is that you can take an entire bath while fighting your problem. After all, bruises sometimes appear in places that are physically impossible to dip somewhere without the risk of rolling over in an uncomfortable position. So there is a reason to combine business with pleasure.

But spa treatments can truly be considered an overly blissful way to deal with a bruise. First you need to undergo scrubbing with some crushed almond pits with lemongrass, for example, to soothe the skin. Just remember to ask a specialist to especially carefully rub the site of the bruise. Then take a white clay wrapping procedure, which since ancient times has many healing properties and starts the process of skin cell renewal.

folk methods.

There is one way to get rid of a bruise that would immediately come to mind fifty years ago. These are leeches. Of course, they do their job well, they suck blood perfectly. But as for hygiene and other issues of cleanliness, here everyone decides for himself. What is acceptable and what is not. After all, people go to pilling …

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