How to remove age spots

Age spots look very ugly on the skin of the face, just like wrinkles. But the difference lies in the fact that age spots can be removed very easily. Pigmentation appears, as a rule, due to sunlight or when the whole organism fails.

Let’s take a closer look at how we can deal with this. So:

  • Today, pharmacies offer us a huge selection of different whitening products. Of course, they are good to use, but there are side effects here, such as: dermatitis, allergies. If you decide to use this tool, then remember that you need to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, so that pigmentation does not become even more. It is better to use creams of popular companies that indicate SPF 20.
  • You can also call on nature to help, using different herbs. Of course, their action is not as strong as peeling, but it can be used at home. So what herbs can you use? Plants such as bearberry, yarrow, licorice, cucumber and lemon are best at fighting age spots.
  • Do not neglect masks from folk recipes. After all, they can perfectly whiten your skin.


  1. Parsley mask. It is recommended for use by women who are already over forty. Indeed, at this age, not only pigmentation appears, but also the skin loses its elasticity, and this mask will help you cope with two problems at once. Such a mask can be made both from the leaves and from the root. The bottom line is that the parsley should be finely chopped, then placed on the cleansed skin of the face, rinse with cold water after 20 minutes.
  2. Lemon lotion. This mask is suitable for dark skin, a little oily. The bottom line is that you need to mix two tablespoons of juice with half a glass of water and lubricate your face with this solution. The disadvantage of lemon lotion is that it takes three weeks for freckles and age spots to disappear.
  3. Carrot juice. Ideal for those who have successfully removed freckles many times without success. The bottom line is that you need to grate carrots, let it brew a little, then squeeze the juice and regularly rub your face with it. Then your skin will take on a yellowish tint, and freckles and pigmentation will become less noticeable. Please note that for the strength of this mask, it is recommended to add three drops of lemon juice.
  4. Juice from currant berries. It is very effective in whitening skin that has freckles and pigmentation. It is recommended to wipe the face with this juice twice a day. If you have dry skin, then after that you need to apply a thick layer of sour cream on your face, then rinse with water after 10 minutes.

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