How to remove an inflamed and red pimple overnight

Many people have faced such a problem: tomorrow in the morning there is an important meeting, perhaps a date, an extremely responsible day on which you need to look your best. And you, as luck would have it, in the most visible place, a terrible red pimple is preparing to come out. What to do with this misfortune? Is it possible to remove this noticeable imperfection on the skin in just one night?

It turns out that there are many ways that can help get rid of inflammation, acne on the skin in a short period of time. However, each of us has its own skin. Therefore, some tools can help you quickly get rid of various kinds of shortcomings, while others will be useless.

Since experiments to identify the most suitable remedy that is effective in your case can take a lot of time, we advise owners of problem skin to choose in advance for themselves the most successful assistant in the fight against acne. In order to be ready to fight back an inflamed pimple in a short time with the least loss to your own appearance.

folk methods.

Long before the advent of modern beauty salons, our grandmothers tried to give their appearance an impeccable look with the help of natural cosmetics. The people highly valued the medicinal properties of flowers and leaves of chamomile, calendula. In order to quickly relieve inflammation with their help, you can buy these plants in dried form, or special collections of herbs for brewing in a pharmacy, prepare a decoction from them. With the help of a decoction, try making light compresses on problem areas of the skin, or by freezing the liquid in ice molds, wipe your face with the resulting cubes.

Tea tree oil copes very well with inflammation (it is easier to use it as part of well-known cosmetics, for example, cream pencil in the form of Oriflame lipstick for skin imperfections), aloe extracts and medicinal herbs.

As a rule, folk methods of dealing with acne, inflammation, have a therapeutic effect as a result of their long-term use. In order to get rid of an inflamed pimple in just one night, their strength alone may not be enough.


Modern cosmetics.

The shelves of cosmetic stores are full of care products for problem skin. In addition to various masks, creams, balms and cleansers with amazing chemical compounds, here you can find products that promise to get rid of inflammation in an extremely short time (even in 12 hours!). They are commonly referred to as “serums” and “instant-acting” emulsions. And some of them really have a quick, noticeable effect, helping to remove or significantly reduce inflammation, acne in just a few hours. And some, alas, in your individual case can provide very little help.

A novelty in the market of cosmetics are also Korean acne patches. They are a gauze or fabric pad impregnated with a potent medicine. Along the edges of the pads are beige or transparent Velcro strips (similar to a patch). Attach the patch for the night, placing the active substance directly on the pimple. Usually, by morning, the inflammation disappears completely, or a small spot remains from it.

Antibiotics, strong medicines.

When conventional balms, foams, masks and other skin care products are not enough, preparations containing stronger products come to the rescue. For example, the incredibly advertised “Zinerit” achieves visible success in the fight against acne, inflammation, thanks to the antibiotic erythromycin and zinc in the composition. The “secret” of the Skinoren gel is azelaic acid, the active ingredient of the Baziron preparation is benzoyl peroxide.

One of these remedies can easily and quickly help you in the fight against acne and inflammation. And having determined for yourself the most effective remedy, you can easily find a cheaper analogue of the drug with the substances in the composition that are relevant in your case. For example, “Zinerit” is an “erythromycin ointment”, and fans of “Baziron” sometimes successfully replace it with any preparations containing peroxide.

It is important to remember at the same time that in complex, expensive preparations, a list of auxiliary components is carefully selected, which help to accelerate the action of the main substance.


Facial cleansing in a beauty parlor.

Many beauty salons offer such a service as skin cleansing from various inflammations and acne. The following types of “cleaning” are usually offered: mechanical, manual and ultrasonic cleaning. As a rule, this procedure takes about an hour and includes the following steps:

  • Steaming the skin, its preparation for the procedure.
  • Direct cleaning by the chosen method. Using the selected tools (according to the type of cleaning), the doctor cleans open, steamed pores, removing dirt from them, releasing purulent deposits outward.
  • The final stage (mask, wiping the skin), during which the pores are narrowed, inflammation is reduced.

Cleansing the skin in the salon has a number of advantages compared to a similar method of getting rid of acne, purulent inflammation at home: the risk of infection is minimized, because the procedures are carried out with special devices. The process of healing and skin restoration also passes faster. But it is unlikely that with the help of facial cleansing, even performed by a professional, you will be able to shine with healthy skin after 12 hours: the skin after such a procedure may appear red, inflamed for another two days.

Decorative cosmetics.

If, nevertheless, it was not possible to get rid of inflammation overnight, then you can try … Remove its unpleasant appearance with the help of decorative cosmetics! On the Internet you can find a lot of makeup master classes for problem skin. Did you know that the redness of an inflamed pimple is best “drown out” by green? Professional makeup artists almost always have such an unusual shade of tinting base, cream in their work. In any case, you should not be zealous with ordinary creams, powders – wanting to hide a lack of skin, you can overdo it, and then your unnatural skin color will be evident to everyone. You should not get carried away with lipsticks, blush – the red color will only emphasize inflammation on the skin.

Properly selected makeup will help you hide visible skin imperfections, but in order to get rid of the problems of acne, inflammation, you need to approach the solution of the problem in a complex way.

Prevention of acne, inflammation.

Acne, inflammation, any skin and health problems are easier to prevent than to frantically look for a way to quickly …

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