How to remove and remove tattoo eyebrows, eyelids and lips

There are many ways to make yourself more attractive, to correct some of the flaws of mother nature. Of course, there are lucky women who have legs from their ears, dark eyebrows, full lips, and an aspen waist, but there are very few of them, often we have to work on our own with the “basic material” given to us from birth, improving and bringing it to the ideal .

However, in pursuit of beauty, we do not always make the right decisions, some experiments are, to put it mildly, not entirely successful. After all, you can’t predict in advance that by deciding to make yourself, for example, a tattoo that is now fashionable, you can cause significant damage to your appearance, falling into the hands of a crooked master, or this upgrade will simply not suit you. Are there ways to turn everything back and return the former, albeit not ideal, but native and familiar, look to your lips, eyebrows and eyes?

Permanent make-up (tattoo) is a cosmetic procedure that has become popular in recent years, consisting in the introduction under the skin, to a depth of 0.5 mm, of a special coloring highly dispersed pigment, which allows you to create a long-lasting effect of real make-up, highlight, brighten and emphasize the lip line, eyes and eyebrows, as well as hide existing flaws. The pigments used are identical to those used for real tattoos, they will never “dissolve” completely, they will remain in your body forever, they will simply fade over time. The procedure is somewhat painful, external anesthesia is usually used during it, swelling may appear for a short time, increasing the volume of the lips and eyelids, eyebrows usually do not swell.

Why might you need to remove a tattoo?

There can be quite a few reasons that make you think about removing a tattoo, ranging from a coloring pigment not correctly selected by the master to a new look that simply does not suit you. However, what is the main advantage of permanent makeup is its main disadvantage. Unlike ordinary cosmetics, it cannot be washed off with water and wiped off with a napkin, like banal mascara and lipstick.

Fortunately, everything can be fixed, current techniques allow you to remove the tattoo without a trace, however, often this procedure is more painful and expensive than applying. Well, before you start removing it, you should consult with a specialist, perhaps your problem can be fixed in a less radical way. It is possible that everything will be decided if you correct the contour or slightly change the color of the paint.

Tattoo removal methods

  • clarification;
  • chemical impact;
  • surgical impact;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • laser removal;
  • removal by time.

Tattoo removal by lightening

And speaking in a more understandable language, by introducing a flesh-colored pigment under the skin over the already existing pigment. This procedure is fast, relatively affordable and less traumatic. However, all knowledgeable experts advise not to take risks and not to chase cheapness.

Essentially, skin color is made up of a mixture of white, yellow, and red pigments. In this “cocktail”, the red pigment burns out the very first under the influence of sunlight, as a result, even after a very short exposure to the sun, your face will be disfigured by light stripes of an unpleasant whitish-yellow hue. But this beauty is even more difficult to remove than regular permanent makeup.

Chemical removal

Another quick and relatively inexpensive way to remove a tattoo. Ideal for lovers of extremes and fans of scarification. Everyone else should think 150 times before agreeing to a similar procedure, which consists in applying special acids and salts over the tattoo that burn out the pigment, and often the skin with it. Not infrequently, after the procedure, completely unpleasant scars and deep scars remain, and an allergic reaction is also possible.

The method of chemical removal can also include some, rather dubious, recommendations of craftsmen, which are full of forums. These include applying melted laundry soap to the tattoo site, which, as you know, contains a large amount of alkali and corrodes the skin, removing the tattoo. Another fun method is to rub crushed match sulfur into the heavily steamed tattooed skin, the main thing here is to dodge in such a way that the substance does not get into the eyes and burn them.


An almost equally radical method: under the influence of local anesthesia, the surgeon, using a scalpel, or a special laser, will excise the skin over the tattoo and cut out the pigment, in the literal sense of the word. When the wounds heal, there will be no trace of the former permanent makeup. But remember that in case of unforeseen complications, the appearance of scars is not excluded.

With the help of electric current

Tattooed skin is traumatized with small charges of electric current using a special high-frequency electrosurgical apparatus, which allows the introduction and distribution of a special bleaching gel. At the end of the procedure, which requires local anesthesia, an ointment containing antibiotics and a bandage are applied to the damaged skin. The healing process is quite long (at least a month), and the risk of keloid scars at the tattoo site is very high.

Laser tattoo removal

The most progressive and modern of all existing methods. The impact is only on the tattooed areas of the skin, without damaging it. Through the directed action of a beam of laser light, which freely penetrates under the skin, the dyed tissues and pigment particles are heated for a very short period of time, as a result of which it crumbles, turning into “soot”, which is excreted from the body naturally.

Unfortunately, there are currently no devices capable of removing a tattoo in one procedure. You will need an average of 3 to 5 completely painless sessions, each of which is only a few minutes long, no anesthesia is required. The number of procedures may depend on several factors:

  • Color of the skin. Dark skin is less susceptible to laser exposure;
  • The quality of tattoo ink. The effects of the laser are worse for paints containing metal oxides;
  • The depth of the pigment. The deeper the coloring pigment is under the skin, the longer it will take to remove it;
  • Tattoo color. Darker and brighter colors are displayed faster.

Tattoo removal over time.

Actually the safest, cheapest and most effective way. Just do nothing with your permanent makeup for 3-5, maximum 7 years, and after this period it will come off, as if by magic. Until then it’s not…

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