How to remove armpit hair

Every girl dreams of having beautiful, smooth skin. But what if the whole view is spoiled by unwanted vegetation? Even in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, women used hair removal methods that are still relevant today.

However, earlier it was the prerogative of only the upper strata of society, while now it is an affordable service that is provided by almost every beauty salon. In addition, some procedures can be carried out at home. As we know, most often hair is removed in the armpit area. Nowadays, such a hygienic procedure is carried out not only by women, but also by men.

Underarm hair removal home treatments

To begin with, consider the methods of dealing with unwanted vegetation that you can use at home. These include:

  • Shaving;
  • Hair removal with depilatory cream;
  • Waxing;
  • Sugaring;
  • Hair removal with an electric epilator.


Shaving is one of the most common methods of dealing with unwanted hair on the human body. But, despite the simplicity, it has a big drawback. After shaving, the hair grows back quite quickly and irritation often occurs. To combat irritation, be sure to use only individual sharp blades and gel or shaving foam during shaving, which must be selected according to skin type. And after the procedure itself, an aftershave balm is applied, which should also correspond to your skin type.

Depilatory cream.

Depilatory cream can also be used at home. Unlike a razor, it destroys the structure of the hair, which subsequently gives a not blunt, but a cone-shaped cut, so the skin remains smooth a little longer. To remove armpit hair, you need to use a cream for sensitive skin with coarse hair. A cream that removes hair on the legs may not remove hair under the arms, as it is thicker and coarser there.

Be sure to read the instructions. For different manufacturers, the exposure time of the drug may vary.


It is better to entrust waxing to professionals, because without the necessary skills and knowledge, you can easily damage delicate skin and “earn” bruises and bruises. But, if you still decide to use this method at home, strictly follow the wax hair removal technology. Do not try to simplify the procedure or speed up the process. If you are doing this for the first time, it may be very painful for you, so it is better to ask a friend for help.

To get started, purchase quality materials suitable for underarm hair removal. In this area, we have very sensitive skin and coarse hair. Therefore, use hot wax, cold and warm will not work! It is usually produced in briquettes, granules or cans. It is best to purchase materials in a specialized store that sells products for beauty salons. In addition, the wax must be heated in a special wax melter. In this way, you can avoid burns, since the wax only heats up to the right temperature. In addition, the voskoplav has the function of keeping warm. This will help you heat up the wax only once during the entire procedure. That will save time and nerves.

If you don’t have a wax maker, heat the wax in a water bath. Keep in mind, it freezes very quickly, so you will have to heat it all the time.

After you have purchased everything you need, you can proceed to the procedure. The skin of the armpits must be degreased and talc applied to it, so that during the procedure the skin is not covered with sweat. Wax is applied strictly according to hair growth, and removed against growth. Do not try to remove all the hairs at once. This can cause bruising! Remove hair in small sections, visually divide the armpit into four zones.

After the procedure, be sure to treat the skin with special oil after depilation. You can also use a composition that slows down hair growth. This method is more durable than a razor or cream in that the hair is removed along with the hair follicle that is under the skin. In addition, wax captures dead skin particles, and it becomes as smooth as possible.


Sugaring or sugaring is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and is similar to waxing. If you decide to use this method at home, you can cook the sugar paste yourself, which compares favorably with this method from waxing hair removal, since you will need minimal costs. Most likely, you will find all the necessary components in your kitchen.

To prepare the pasta you will need: 6 tbsp. sugar, 2 tbsp. water, 1/2 tbsp. citric acid. We mix all the ingredients, cook over low heat until all the grains of sugar disperse. After the pasta is ready, it must be cooled! Further, we carefully knead the already prepared paste in our hands until it becomes almost white, apply it to the epilated area against hair growth, and remove it according to growth. Since, unlike wax, sugar paste is removed not against hair growth, but in the direction of their growth, after this procedure there are no “ingrown tips”, of course, if the whole procedure is performed correctly.

To prevent skin irritation, remove sugar residue with warm water and apply a soothing cream.

Hair removal with an electric epilator.

Hair removal with an electric epilator, like a razor and a depilatory cream, is the most popular for household use. However, this method is the most painful, even compared to wax and sugaring. In addition, in order to remove their hair, it is necessary to grow a hair length of several mm. In order to reduce discomfort during the use of such a device, remove only dry, clean hair. If the armpits sweat from pain during the procedure, you can apply a small amount of talcum powder to the skin.

Getting rid of underarm hair with a salon

If shaving irritates you, depilatory creams are allergic, and wax or sugar paste is too painful, do not despair. You can always use salon methods for armpit hair removal!

Such methods include:

  • Wax depilation;
  • Sugaring;
  • Laser depilation.

Waxing in the salon.

The main difference between waxing in a salon and a similar procedure at home is that you do not have to spend your time searching for and buying everything you need, learn the technology and suffer from pain. In the salon, the master will do everything quickly, professionally, and almost painlessly. If your master is a professional in his field, you will not feel pain, you will not get bruises or bruises. You wake up only slightly uncomfortable, as if you …

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